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Rosie Mac (Game of Thrones, AEA, …)


By now you may have heard of the model Rosie Mac.

Rosie Mac wearing "Charleston Skull" Girlie Top

Rosie Mac wearing “Charleston Skull” Girlie Top

Rosie Mac wearing "Roses Nest T-Shirt"

Rosie Mac wearing “Roses Nest” T-Shirt

In the last few days the Internet has been a buzz after she started posting pictures, to her Instagram account, from the set of HBO’s Games of Thrones.

It was revealed that the AEA model is actually the official body double for actress Emilia Clarke who plays character Daenerys Targaryen (the Mother of Dragons) in the popular HBO TV series.

If you’re a fan of Alchemy’s Italian designed clothing range, Alchemy England Apparel, then you may have also spotted her work in some of the recent catalogues and our website where she is modelling the “Charleston Skull” Girlie Top and “Roses Nest” T-Shirt.

Why not take a look at Alchemy’s Rosie Mac Photo Gallery in the Library section of our website.

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