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All the Fun of the Faery Fayre

before-the-ball-editedThe perfect way to celebrate the beginning of the spring season is the Avalon Spring Faery Fayre and Ball in Glastonbury. The event is organised by Karen Kay, editor of Fae Magazine. Although I have long been a subscriber to this faery tome as it feeds my lighter faery-fantasy side with glitter and gossamer wings, I had only attended one of her events when she held a London Faery Ball. As you’ll see from her event calendar she hosts a number of faery workshops, faery fayres and faery balls (is it just me who can’t say the phrase “faery balls” without imagining with amusement what’s beneath those leaf-hewn breeches?)

Glastonbury is a wonderful town to visit and should be on everyone’s must-see list. Even better when there’s even more faery-folk in town than usual and a delightful array of vendors selling all manner of faery necessities alongside the wonderful shops along the high street and nestled in the little side lanes. It’s a magical place made even more magical, where make-believe is believable and the line between fantasy and reality is gossamer. It’s a wonderful hotchpotch of true followers of the old religions, those close to the earth and air, and those who like to get lost in the mystical world, even if only for a weekend.

There are a few of the goth crowd who attend these events but the draw is more widespread alternative, which is always nice for a change as you get to meet a range of interesting characters. This year the spring fayre had an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ theme to celebrate 150 years of the Lewis Caroll classic with large playing cards and a Cheshire cat suspended above the stage. There was also a mad tea party scheduled during the day, although after falling through the rabbit hole I didn’t make it back out in time for that.

However the “ball” in the evening was slightly miss sold. While I loved some of the acts especially Professor Elemental, they carried on the whole night and there was no DJ to provide a bit of dancing that I would have rather expected of something billed as a Ball. It also finished at 12o’clock. I Imagine that’s the limit the venue puts on the event, but as I sat waiting for the dancefloor to open, all of a sudden the lights went up and the magic seeped through the cracks. Luckily we were staying at the most amazing B&B: The Covenstead (you really must stay here!) and a few of themore lively fairies retreated back into its treasure festooned walls to chatter into the small hours of the morning. After a wondrous sleep in a large golden four poster bed strewn with silks, tapestries and furs (our room was called Halloween Honeymoon!) we awoke to the lady of the house preparing us a truly fabulous Mad Hatters breakfast. I can honestly say that the B&B was the absolute highlight of the trip.combined




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