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Daily Archives: 23 April 2015

St George and the Dragon

April 23rd, 2015

There was once a great city in Egypt. This city was large and prosperous. The streets were filled with wealthy people, and the markets of warm spices, sweet meats and most importantly silver and gold. Life was peaceful in this place, the people went about their lives farming, selling and enjoying the great arts of their time. However, cities this rich and wondrous often attract devilish plagues and monsters. That is exactly what became of this city in Egypt.

One day the people looked up in alarm, as a great shadow was cast across the sands. To their horror they saw a ferocious dragon looming above them, its great wings blocking out the sun that had fed their lives as far as memory allows. He roared his terrible roar and his evil eyes glimmered as he saw the beautiful gems, and precious metals that the city had to offer. His greed grew great and he decided he would have this city for his own. The people began to scream and cry as they realised what was to become of them. Many of the men ran into their houses and took up arms to defeat this beast. They charged, their sword, scythes and axes glinted in the remaining sunlight, but to the horror of those left behind the dragons skin was thicker than brass and no weapon could harm him. The dragon slew all those who dared to take against him and the city quickly became quiet and oppressed.

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Rosie Mac (Game of Thrones, AEA, …)

April 23rd, 2015


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