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New Year, New Creations!

We have come to what is supposed to be the end of winter and nearly the start of spring… and yet it is still so dull and chilly! With Christmas over and the festivities dying down, it feels like the warmer days will never come. But it is the perfect time to really focus on all the good things in our lives, New Year’s resolutions, and of course, revamping our wardrobe!

There is nothing like a style refresh to blow away those cobwebs – or actually adorn ourselves with!

The matching set of Black Widow pieces are a spectacular way to add drama to any ensemble and are part of the brand-new collection from Alchemy available right now from the website and many other of our retailer friends. Pair these with some red eyeliner, chunky boots, and cosy woollen tights and you have got yourself the perfect spooky outfit for those wintry mornings.

As the wheel of the year starts to turn the first Pagan festival Imbolc (Feb 2nd) marks the start of Spring and a time for new beginnings. For anyone wishing to observe this celebration, Alchemy has your ritual embellishments covered – see the enchanting crescent moon pieces that come with a choice of different coloured droppers. The crystals can match any outfit or taste, as well as represent the things you wish to manifest in your life. I will definitely be picking The Green Tear to aid abundance and prosperity after the expense of the festive season!

If the witchy vibe is your thing then the Priestess of Ishtar is an exceptional necklace which showcases the phases of the moon in a collar-style design. The cut-out moons will look mesmerising against bare skin for party attire or resting over your winter layers as an everyday statement. This is a truly distinguished piece that will be the focal point of any outfit – and the focus of anyone’s attention!
Named after Ishtar, a deity associated with love and sexuality, this is indeed a powerful symbol to add to your jewellery collection. Paired with the matching earrings and bracelet, the wearer will radiate elegance and leave onlookers spellbound. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, this piece can only add to your luck in love.

What could be more of a formidable piece than Alchemy’s new necklace The Undertaker ? This design exudes a dark omen essence with the skull and cross bone detail and the dark chain. Complete with a working stopper, the wearer will look like an apothecary carrying a sinister potion – is it an elixir or poison? You decide.

For those fans that are fascinated by all things Nordic, then the Journey to Valhalla may be the ideal totem for you. This piece is a tribute to Valhalla – the Viking warrior heaven – and would be the perfect accessory to hang over your favourite band t-shirt or muscle vest. This piece portrays a helmeted skull with a runic symbol and could be used as a protection symbol for those heading into everyday battles!

If you prefer a more subtle addition to your wardrobe, look no further than the delicate goddess earrings Danu, simple and classy and an homage to Wiccan beliefs. Not to mention the new collection of Alchemy rings which are sure to add a unique twist to your everyday work wear, Le Chat Noir is a cunning little character to spice up the boring office dress code.

And of course, no Alchemy collection would be complete without an ode to ravens and the grandmaster of gothic literature Edgar Allan Poe. The Nevermore Raven is pure sophistication as well as a foreboding sign of the dark world beyond the living realm with the inscribed words from Poe’s most famous poem. And the terrifically terrifying Curse of Coronis choker will ensure that everyone knows that the wearer is a force to be reckoned with – like the raven: majestic, beautiful, and menacing.

Finally, not forgetting the new Alchemy calendar The Spellbound Heart – it’s not too late to order yours! With unique Alchemy artwork for each month, you can work through 2024 with these majestic gothic designs skilfully created by the Alchemy team of artists.

So let Alchemy help you get ready for the “New Year, new you!”

See our new collection here.

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