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Want to use some Alchemy Art ? – get a Private Use License here

There has been an increasing demand for the use of Alchemy's artwork, characters and themes, etc, for private use in various ways. These include:

  • Online Games & Virtual Worlds, such as Second Life, etc. Alchemy would like to support the use of its Property by gamers and in online virtual existences, etc, enabled by this Private Use License.
  • Personal Decorative Use, e.g. tattoos, and decorating personal property such as skateboards and vehicles, credit cards, hand painted leather jackets and murals, etc. Please note: T-shirts and any form of printed clothing or fashion apparel is however excluded, strictly forbidden and illegal.
  • Non-Commercial Websites & Computers. e.g. desktop wallpapers, Facebook pages, personal web pages of a non-commercial nature, etc. Please note: Any unauthorised use of any Alchemy Property on websites or My Space pages, etc, which can be deemed to be commercially promotional or profit-making is strictly forbidden and illegal.

Anyone wishing to use any of Alchemy's property for any kind of commercial or institutional use should please look here at the option of acquiring an Alchemy Commercial License.

Free* License for Private Use

Alchemy would be happy to allow the free use of its art and characters, etc, (Alchemy's Intellectual Property), by individuals for their own private use, but to do this, due to the varied complications arising out of commercial licensing and legal responsibilities, it has become necessary to introduce a rudimentary Private Use License arrangement for the benefit of all.


(* Please note: If you also require actual digital art files direct from Alchemy Studios, then an administration fee will need to be paid for this service of between £20-£100 dependent on size, etc. Please contact us for further details.)


The Private Use License is a simple and cost-free agreement to which any Alchemy appreciator is entitled to subscribe. To explain, all of the Alchemy Gothic images and artwork, as well as their characters and storylines are copyright-protected, owned and managed by Alchemy themselves. All use of this Intellectual Property, therefore, will have commercial, moral, legal and liability implications and, unfortunately, has to be accounted for formally by anyone wishing to use it. Therefore, anyone found using copyright material without the correct authority from Alchemy, could easily find themselves liable for potentially serious legal implications.


With the growing popularity of Alchemy's 'Property', and Alchemy's increasing licensing development programs into areas of popular culture, licensing issues are becoming more crucial. Alchemy's policy on this, therefore, is to remain friendly and as informal as possible and to allow such private, non-commercial use by individuals, but with a few certain, simple conditions attached.


These terms are set-out as a short and simple License Agreement. To anyone wishing to use any Alchemy Property for their own personal use, provided that you are happy to agree to conform to the short agreement here and register online to confirm this, then Alchemy will be pleased to automatically grant you a free license to use and continue to use the specified Alchemy Property, (as defined in this Private Use License), for your own enjoyment.


In the event that you do not agree to the conditions set out in this agreement, then, regrettably, Alchemy would not be able to grant you the permission to use any of its property and any such use would therefore be illegal.


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