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I LOVE ALCHEMY GOTHIC JEWELRY!!! I came across the Alchemy Gothic line on eBay a few months ago and instantly fell head over heels in love with all their amazing jewelry. It’s just stunning and exactly what I’m always looking for. I’ve been so disappointed with the crap jewelry I’ve been seeing everywhere. What the call goth is teenie bopper pixie fake wannabe goth crap. I would go through almost every store in the mall, sit online for hours and be lucky if I found a damn necklace I somewhat possibly thought was tolerable. Then I saw Alchemy Gothic. It’s true goth and Victorian style jewelry made from beautiful English pewter not crap fake silver that’s going to copper out or turn your skin green. Each piece is unique and unlike anything else I’ve ever seen. And best of all it’s all sold at an affordable price. I’ve bought so much from them already and I’m no where near done. I have 18 necklaces, 15 rings, 11 earrings and 17 bracelets. Then I saw the spring line and almost died!!! I was so psyched I was able to get a few pieces from the spring line before anyone else was even selling it. Yup, Alchemy Gothic is by far the most incredible jewelry company out there!!!! Look up all their jewelry on eBay. Just type in Alchemy Gothic in the search engine. Or go to One of my favorite Alchemy Gothic retailers. Did you know Alchemy Gothic isn’t just jewelry? They sell clothing, purses, decorative works of art and cups, glasses, Goblets, candle holders and so much more! Go check them out. You won’t be disappointed. Once you go Alchemy, there’s no turning back!
— Jessica Kalil

“What I Love about Alchemy…”

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Ronja Bloodmoon The mysterious and sometimes spooky stories behind every piece….

Michelle Hejna Jones What i love about Alchemy Gothic is the great and fantastical pieces of art they create. Whether its artwork to jewellery its all great.

Melinoe Immortal Is unique in its own way

Fairy Dustings Shop of Curiosities …the research and history behind the designs, each is more than body adornment, they contain references to my favourite literature or point in history.

Nicole Gerschwitz The melding of beautiful morbidity with the glistening sheen of jewels. They are classy pieces that appeal to a wide range of people in and also outside of the Gothic scene. The use of pewter is brilliant and the detail in each piece is really amazing to behold up close. There are always knock-offs but you can really tell the difference in the original product.

Maria Rios The great work they put into all the things they sell, and the awesome work they put into everything!

Alchemists Emporium . . . that no matter what style I want for any occasion their is an Alchemy piece to suit, and as new pieces are consistently worked on and added there is always something fresh to create an outfit around!

Leah Holloway ……it’s not fake bulls**t

Robyn Carels What I love about Alchemy Gothic is…the intricate attention to detail. The passion, beauty and care makes each piece unique , and classic timeless treasure to each owner.

Martin Žďárský I can be who I am.

Kimberley Law I have been wearing Alchemy gothic since my teens, my favourite piece is the bat cross necklace with Purple stone

Alexandre Costa …The question mark in my friends when they look at me!

Elizabeth Jeffers the graphic detail no one else matches, it takes a specific design to please me and everything about alchemy gothic is spot on

Nekro Corvix The materials are top grade and the craftsmanship is phenomenal. Unlike most Gothic jewellery on the market which is made cheap and overpriced, Alchemy makes exceptional jewellery at a fair price. The details alone are astounding on every piece. My favourite was the Ruthven Cross, ingenious design incorporating bat wings on a cross. Love everything about Alchemy

Lily Owens The freedom to be who you want to be with the knowledge that who you are runs deeper than physical appearance and now you can share some of yourself with the world x

Wendi Iserman Some pieces speak to you, Others SING!

Kerrie Cawley you don’t see the idiots on TOWIE or MADE IN CHELSIE wearing it! so you don’t see sad wannabes wearing it because someone on TV had worn it.

Allan Hughes It’s not just jewelry, it’s art. Some people wear labels, some people wear tattoos, and some people wear their heart on their sleeves. Lovers of all things gothic wear Alchemy Gothic.

Lulu C Brown they take what’s in my brain and make it reality before I even knew I wanted it.

Nicola Greig Everything! I wish I could turn back the clock and be a goth just to wear all the clothes u do. At 32 I feel its a but late lol

Susan Arthur Born from dark minds…steeped in Gothic beauty. Each piece crafted with old world styling. Unique jewelry for the unconventional soul.

Debbie Hoare Its an Aladdin’s cave of unique beautifully crafted pieces, a gothic wonderland full of beauty.

Dawn Pierce the amazing jewelry I have received over the years. My favorite piece is the Pope Alexander’s Poison Casket Ring that was the last gift from my stepdad before he passed away. I will always treasure it.

Russell E Yankovitch What I love about Alchemy Gothic is, they have the best looking art work pieces that I can’t find anywhere in stores and they help me express my love for gothic art work and style !

Mark Collins Jr The quality. You can’t get anything with more passion and hard work unless it’s handcrafted.

Elizabeth Mitchell Their macabre elegance<3

Emma Donaldson It’s the Prada of the Goth world…quality!!

Jc Bustamante Its Unique rigomortis touch it has on my otherwise blackhole of a heart!

Richard H. Gerber the massive skills of the artists and designers! The artistry is inspiring and makes me strive to become better in what I do!

Natalie Roberts The skulls!

Tami Doll alchemy goes beyond the typical skull jewelry and actually makes product that is worthwhile. its so signature that you can look at a piece and tell exactly whether is from alchemy or not. and on a more personal level, iv’e never seen anything by your brand, jewelry, art, hourglass, etc. that i didnt add to wishlist/buy immediately after first sight.

Dyann Burian The designs of the jewelry are so unusual, and they amaze people when I wear them that don’t know about AG–and they are well made to last a lifetime! I keep having to have one more piece for my collection! I even hang them on my wall to enjoy them when I”m not wearing them!

Sara Whitehead the way they are able to make me feel and look unique, and help me feel more confident and dare to be different.

Gloria Wallace The Passion, mystery, and individually in every piece makes it classic and unique.
Lysson Tyrson Sorry but… In french. La connaissance que nous apporte chaque “Œuvre d’Art”.Sorry but… In English. The knowledge that we bring each ‘Art Œuvre’. (Translated by Bing)

Kane Harding …..that every item is a magical piece of art, eclipsing space and time with its very own uniqueness.

Joseph Evans the simple mix of darkness and light.

Gavin Ledger Bespoking their Jewelery to make individual pieces. Pics if you want them.

Ela Bunk …the dark blingbling-effect in a black night expressing my soulˊs way of thinking without needing words.

Emma Jane Hull The amazing jewellery and gothic things x

Charlene Fredericks It lets me say I have a dark side without shouting it out. It is dainty, feminine and most all beautiful just like everyone who wears it!

Shazza Hall Brings a smile to my face after possibly breaking my wrist

Jackie Jaxx Thompson The boundaries are totally broken with an image which is so easily recognisable…. Perfection

Chili Brodie Is that you make rattie rings! So hard to find anywhere else!

Christina Medina Everything

Robot T Anderson The unique look it gives to every ear, neck, and pierced part of the many souls that it adorns

Charley Corbett You just get it!! You provide the tools for individuals to express themselves (however “eccentric” that may be)!

Evory Odette Necroph The artwork. I have a collection of old Alchemy Gothic calendars, but I never throw them away. Ha

Maggie Galardi About learning and knowing who is friends and a whole new life

Michelle Condon … well their motherf*****g BAD ASS one of a kind jewlery art, obviously! F**k!

Mike Castillo I Love ALCHEMY GOTHIC because of the unique art and passion that is put into each piece of jewelry, accessory,decor but the thing that stand out most about Alchemy Gothic is the beauty of it’s products .

Marion Meradji I can wear art rather than hang it on a wall.

Rose Lavey …is the admiration in people’s eyes when they see the vertebral column with the skull and the coccyx in my ear!

Sandra Smith that I can show on the outside how I feel on the inside

Uzzi Uzzi The magnifique design

Jake Leonard Hawkins.. Because it has enables so many individuals to express their emotions or feelings in ways no other way jewellery could. Each Individual piece screams individuality and uniqueness that reflects the personal expressions the owner has, Whether it a vintage more traditional look, or a more fantasy inspired piece.

They, unlike any other brand, scream creativity in which they diversify in their styles, appearance and jewellery.

It is a brand that also brings unity to others, sharing tastes and exchanging stories on how or why they chose their specific piece. It brings people closer together as pieces can reflect their love and affection through jewellery, such as pendants and wedding rings, customized to accompany the characteristics of their loved one.

In all, Alchemy gothic has and will always be the most expressive and free brand. And no matter what, there is always a piece for someone.

Anne M Roberts Amazing craftsmanship & unique design by far the best!!

Jemima L D’Abrera I can’t get enough of it. Also, my mum grew up on your street. Badass.

Irma Gramberg It’s personal and unique for every age and style while it keeps a daring and sexy touch.

Kris Starr I love how they make me feel. For example, I feel like another person from another time. Alchemy sets a stage for you to be who ever you want to be. Or just helps to elevate you to be the dark sinister person you truly are.

Inês Rôlo the feeling from another times in each piece of jewellery, the fantasy in the ornaments and precious stones, the uniqueness of wearing just one necklace that completely changes your whole appearance and the way every piece has a meaning behind – that we can make our own.

Tracey Veacock It was made for me

Sarah Newbould How devilishly decadent my favourite pieces are!

Emma Mcmanus Makes every one feel unique x

Dave Tawfik When it comes to paraphernalia, of a gothic nature for a good price, AG can’t be beat. Plus Brits do it best. 1977 rules.

Gabriele Mammi …that what they make is somewhat the answer to the inner of your needs, as if they know the way which just a truly alchemist could know the process of creation of an unique, un-existed before, master craft.

Black Tulip The beauty sense of the dark arts in all products. Unique Masterpieces!!!

Stacey Hendley The kickass items you cannot find anywhere else!

Mathew H Williams Ive been wearing it for nearly 30 years, and it rocks!

Nate Rokker The Alchemetic Gothica Of Deathantrics

Samantha Marina Mungall feeling part of one big, alternative and dysfunctional family.

Lorainne Tennant Crichton Its just…..ME… to a T

Nicola Mercer It enables me to wear pieces no one i know has, so i stand out and watch everyone else’s jewellery-envy!!!

Sofija Kirovski-mclean Uniqueness and one of a kind

Hannah Redfearn … It’s quality and beauty endures the test of time with gothic elegance. (I still own a pendant left to me by my mother and can remember her wearing it at least twenty years ago)

Alex Burnett Because the clothing and accessories don’t give me herpes

Jossie Hayley Pieterse it enables us to express ourselves in a way which other jewellery and accessories cannot. There is nothing even similar to the quality and intricacy of Alchemy Gothic

Chris Ferguson Im sure I speak for a lot of people when I say this. We love Alchemy Gothic products because we can never find things to suit ourselves when we go to any other stores. Many times, people like us will walk into a store hoping to find that one piece that jumps at us, that screams “pick me, I am right up your alley” but we will walk out of those stores with a frown on our face thinking we will never find that piece that is right for us. With Alchemy Gothic, we are like wide eyed children on Christmas morning. We see something and we think “finally, my search is over”
Alchemy Gothic isnt just a product name, it is a service to all those who want to express themselves to the world. It is a service that allows us to boldly don our unique stripes and walk amongst the mundanes, show our uniqueness to the world and be proud of it

Richard Barker it gives away little prizes

Vera Lynn Cox DiPietro People cross a room to admire a piece and chat about it! Friendships begin over great jewelry.

Janny van Dorst The diversity and quality of the pieces. Ive been collecting Alchemy ever since i was 13 or so, (i’m now 32), and everything still looks like new. My husband and i have a great love for art and unique and ‘different’ things, Alchemy jewelry is all that and more.

Kimmie Porter That its alchemy gothic!! Simple as that. It doesn’t need its praises singing as it sings them itself!

Princess Tarzie Having offered an amazing range of classic gothic wares for over twenty years with consistent quality and value… and the saying ‘death is but a portal to eternity, come unto me!

Dianne McNulty Unique style at a reasonable price!!!

Krystal Webb They cater to every type of weird and wonderful person, no matter what your style

Michii’s Søsø Rakas …every piece of it become a part of everyones personal life. Thats mean that every person get for his own life a unique charm of soul.

Angela Marie Whenever I wear it a feel like a rock star!

Victoria Jane Shorter … that I have ordered several BEAUTIFUL items of Alchemy Gothic to wear to my friends wedding, and they are all beautifully crafted and look fantastic on! THANK YOU Alchemy!!

Laila Mae Balmatero Java The best art to wear !!!!

Camilla Marker The beauty and imagination

Emelie Larsson the uniqueness and genuine feel of all your works of art. (art being everything, including jewelry)

Michael Long It’s not fake like most of the stuff out nowadays

Kirsty Wallace I can take a step back in time just by wearing the elegant decadence that is Alchemy Gothic jewellery.

Claire CeCe Leo-Love Swann It’s incredible ability to catch my eye every time! You can spot an alchemy piece a mile off x

Stefany Stef Every times i wear it, I am sure to become a piece of art myself.

Rachel Taylor The sense of mysterious gothic elegance captured in the jewelry and ornaments

Killian Clardy that they help me express myself online when i’m too lazy to search for the stuff i want. Alchemy Gothic just sends me link to what i want.

Stephanie Louise Starkie Been buying Alchemy for a long time excellent quality and very unique designs. I don’t see myself stopping buying Alchemy for a very long time. xx

Ellen Gouch Its a timeless treasure x

Stephen Klose everything i see here i see my wife wearing and even some stuff for myself

Liz Lyt …there is something to match every outfit and mood that I have.

Katast Entropy ….since I live in alabama, I get all the great stuff all to myself!! :D~~<3

Paula Hayes Unique quality! Inspirational and individual with a twist of attitude.

Bryce Hunt They have to many bloody choices and not enough of my money.

Amy Skye Whimsical

Ken Day Their quality pieces that will eventually be collectible and worth heaps !!!!

Jonn Brett Imrie awesome jewelry that gets me laid

Hev Aston They have the most awesome collection of gothic jewellery for men and women!

Patrycja Matusiak …that their jewellery makes me feel beautiful, sexy and self-confident – just myself in every way

Simon Evans The way all the conformists look at you for daring to wear a bleeding skull on your t-shirt.

Kayley Fender It’s the most stunning jewellery I can’t afford

Lillith Kitiara Imperia They have everything I like and nothing I don’t want

Sandra Ash-Senior it reflects my mood in its perfect jewellery

Joseph Evans the simple mix of darkness and light.

Kathryn Fish Its not just clothing or jewellery its who we are we love gothic jewellery because its unique its sexy its us

Princess Tarzie Grapes having offered an amazing range of classic gothic wares for over twenty years with consistent quality and value… and the saying ‘death is but a portal to eternity, come unto me!

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