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Alexander McQueen Exhibition Opens In London!

1._Portrait_of_Alexander_McQueen_1997Something really exciting has come to London’s V&A Museum. Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty explores the work of one of Britain’s most influential modern Gothic fashion designers and it’s the biggest one so far. What’s more, its been arranged in partnership with Swarovski – the company who create the exquisite stones that accent Alchemy’s sparkling jewellery and glassware ranges. Continue reading

Natasha Scharf Interview Part 1



The Alchemist interviews Natasha Scharf, author of ‘The Art of Gothic’: Part 1.

Amongst many exceptionally original, talented and inspiring artists, Alchemy Studios are also featured in Natasha’s latest and lavishly illustrated book, ‘The Art Of Gothic’. And reading through the compelling and illuminating narrative provoked several questions, including one or two subjective, philosophical ones.

The Alchemist managed to nail-down Natasha when seen at a public event in London, and Natasha obligingly elucidated:

Q: What inspired you to believe that this subject needed a new book creating for it? Continue reading