Caskets, Boxes, Goblets, Wine Glasses, Beer & Ale Glasses, Flasks, Tankards, Shot Glasses, Absinthe Glasses, Absinthe Spoons, Mugs, Flags, Calendars, Playing Cards, Tarot Cards, Imitation Roses, Jewellery Stands, Candlesticks, Candle & Tea Light Holders, Gear Knobs, Resin Skulls, Hand Mirrors, Wall Mirrors, Table Mirrors, etc.
Alchemy's alternative lifestyle giftware is as varied a range of treasures and inspired designs as anywhere, but all with a distinctive touch of design class and creativity that is unrivalled. The Vault, resin giftware items, are designed and developed in England by the Alchemy Studios creative art and design team, and then made for us by our manufacturing partners abroad. All metal items and decorative metal components are made from fine English Pewter in Alchemy’s own workshops in Leicester, England. Printed products are produced by various Alchemy Licensed partners.
Other materials used in Alchemy's premium in-house crafted products, particularly drinking glasses, include forest glass, each bowl being individually hand blown in craft studios in the Czech Republic.


  • Bath Salts
  • Candle Holders & Tea...
    A selection of fantasy and gothic candle holders in cast poly-resin, by The Vault at Alchemy.
    Subjects covered include dragons, claws, reapers, skeletons, skulls.
  • Caskets & Boxes
  • Clocks
    The most absolutely unique, strange and imaginatively designed clocks available anywhere, from complex and intricate inventions hand-engineered in English Pewter and brass, to affordable Vault by Alchemy poly-resin extravagances.
    Subjects covered include steampunk, time machines, chronology, claws, skeletons.
  • Dining
  • Drinking Vessels
    Goblets, Wine Glasses, Beer & Ale Glasses, Flasks, Tankards, Shot Glasses, Absinthe Glasses, Absinthe Spoons, Mugs, Champagne glasses etc.
  • Garden Light
  • Gear Knobs
    The classic Alchemist metallised resin gear knob for customising your car.
  • Hanging Decorations
  • Miniature Ornaments
  • Photo Frame
  • Printed Products
    Poster Flags, Playing Cards, Tarot Cards, 3D Postcards, Wooden Wall Art and the latest Alchemy Calendar.
  • Roses
  • Skulls
    A selection of detailed and realistic skulls of various types and sizes by The Vault by Alchemy, in hand cast and painted resin.
  • Stationery
  • Table Ornaments
  • Wall, Compact & Hand...
    A collection of curious, feminine and fantastical hand and table mirrors to pamper the eccentric, in hand-made poly-resin.
  • Wall Plaque
  • Wands

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