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All of Alchemy England's earrings, ear-wraps, droppers, studs, cuffs, cuff studs, hoops and faux stretchers are individually designed, modelled and developed in England by the Alchemy Studios creative art and design team. Each individual product is then hand-made with pride from the finest English Pewter by Alchemy's own highly skilled craftsmen, all at their studios and workshops in Leicester, England.
Ear-wires are made of surgical steel; studs have surgical steel posts and plastic scroll backs.
Earrings are sold either singly or in pairs, as indicated on the item’s page.

Stud Ear-wraps:

Created and developed by Alchemy from 2006, 'Stud Ear-wraps' are a a unique concept which decorates the whole ear, wrapping around it and fixing in place with a regular surgical steel lobe-stud. It is critical that the wrap can be formed to fit the ear properly as no two ears are alike in size or shape. Alchemy's ear wraps are made of English pewter which is perfect for gently bending into shape. Cheap imitations will usually not bend, but snap.

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