About Alchemy


The Origins

The story of Alchemy began with two Manchester lads, Geoff Kayson and Trevor Phillipson, self taught, amateur artists and model makers. Broke, jobless and into rock and punk music in Leicester in 1977, GK started making punk anti-jewellery and selling it to local shops, at gigs and by mail order. Demand grew, the two teamed-up and soon, they were making pewter skull jewellery and being asked to make tour merchandise for bands.

Alchemy’s rock and goth jewellery, their Poker rock merchandise and their reputation for design, all took off and Alchemy quickly grew into a small company of young, creative wastrels specialising in the alternative lifestyle. 42 years later and still under their original ownership, the English based art, design, manufacturing and distribution company has grown to become an international brand.


Products and Services

After more than four decades, Alchemy is now a highly experienced, completely self-contained organisation. It does virtually everything itself, in the UK, from ideas and concepts to artwork and product design, through all product development then hand made commercial production, and finally product distribution.

Alchemy are best known for their fine English pewter creations, but also incorporate many alternative materials and finishes in their truly unique designs of exceptional quality... Extraordinary Design.

As well as their now famous and highly respected branded jewellery and conceptual artwork, Alchemy is now revered for their commercial 'custom' design and production service, including a unique partnership with 'Swarovski', for items as varied as top prestige awards to simple, merchandise key rings.

Known also for their amazingly original artwork and designs, Alchemy now have an artwork library that is so diverse that it has become a sought after commodity by licensees everywhere and Alchemy work closely with all partners to perfect highly marketable products around the world.

Why you need Alchemy...
  • Because you're different! And you have taste - extraordinary design for extraordinary individuals!
  • There’s Alchemy for every alternative!
  • Established 1977 - celebrating over forty years of unrivalled creativity.
  • Original jewellery, accessories and giftware designed by our own alternative, talented team of artists, designers and sculptors.
  • Handmade in England by our own skilled craftsmanship.
  • Unique, extraordinary design.
  • World leaders for the alternative lifestyle; from rock, goth & pagan, to vintage & steampunk.
  • Alchemy creates - the rest then imitate.
  • Incorporating original Swarovski Elements.
  • Protected by the rock-solid Alchemy guarantee.
  • Made in fine English pewter; semi-precious metal, compliant to the highest regulations.
  • Branded packaging.
  • Highly desirable and collectable objects: 'The antiques of the future'.
  • Historically & mythologically inspired designs; a story told behind every piece.