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St George and the Dragon

There was once a great city in Egypt. This city was large and prosperous. The streets were filled with wealthy people, and the markets of warm spices, sweet meats and most importantly silver and gold. Life was peaceful in this place, the people went about their lives farming, selling and enjoying the great arts of their time. However, cities this rich and wondrous often attract devilish plagues and monsters. That is exactly what became of this city in Egypt.

One day the people looked up in alarm, as a great shadow was cast across the sands. To their horror they saw a ferocious dragon looming above them, its great wings blocking out the sun that had fed their lives as far as memory allows. He roared his terrible roar and his evil eyes glimmered as he saw the beautiful gems, and precious metals that the city had to offer. His greed grew great and he decided he would have this city for his own. The people began to scream and cry as they realised what was to become of them. Many of the men ran into their houses and took up arms to defeat this beast. They charged, their sword, scythes and axes glinted in the remaining sunlight, but to the horror of those left behind the dragons skin was thicker than brass and no weapon could harm him. The dragon slew all those who dared to take against him and the city quickly became quiet and oppressed.

Croms Lair

In his evil judgement of the city the dragon decided to take revenge and went about licking the streets with fire, burning the beautiful markets and squares that had made this place so magnificent. The king of this city watched from his battlements as the place he knew and loved dissolved before his very eyes. Distraught and alone he devised a way to appease the dragon. Each day the dragon, who had taken up residence on the lake near by, was brought a sheep as a sacrificial offering. This worked for a time, until all the sheep and farm animals of the land had been devoured by the hungry beast. The dragon began to grow angry and the people of the city again feared for their lives. The wise men of the city went to the king and explained to him the strong powers of pure maidens. The dragon’s hunger would be appeased if he was fed the purest of maidens and the city would be safe. In consequence to this council a fair maiden of the city was tethered to a stake and left as an offering for the dragon.

When the first maiden was offered the dragon stuck his steaming nostrils into the air and sniffed. This was a new scent that he thoroughly enjoyed. The leapt and snatched up the maid. She was gone in one mouthful. This did not appease the dragon, his hunger only grew greater. The city began to offer him a fresh maiden every morning, until all were gone apart from the kings own daughter. She was thought to be the purest maiden in all of Egypt and was loved by all, especially her father. He tried to hide her for as long as possible but finally the day came when his subjects demanded that she be offered to the dragon. As they had lost all of their owns daughters he should not selfishly keep his. The king and queen wept bitter tears as she was carried away to be offered to the dragon.

They dressed her all in white and left her bound to the stake. The dragon sniffed, the maid stayed silent and demure. The dragon stepped forwards to inspect his new prize. The maid stared him in the eyes. The dragon started. From behind her he could hear the beating of hooves. He looked up and saw brave St George galloping towards him, his sword pointed towards the dragon as he bellowed his war cry. The battle between St George and the dragon was long and bloody. The dragon reigned up and brought flame down upon the knight. However brave St George raised his shield and protected himself from the poisonous fire. He continued forwards and leapt towards the dragon, trying to find the weak spots in the rock hard scales. The dragon swiped with his razor sharp claws, trying to knock him from his valiant steed. Brave St George avoided each attack until he found himself right underneath the dragon’s belly. Up above him he saw a chink in the dragons armour. A small hole under the armpit unknown to most. He lured the dragon down towards him and at the last minute drove his sword deep into the dragons flesh. The scream that left the dragons jaws was unimaginable and the people of the city cowered in their homes when the sound reached their ears. He flew high into the sky, spitting both blood and flame, until he crashed in the desert.

The people of the city rushed from their homes and rejoiced as the knight carried the princess back to her palace. The king was also over joyed at the sight of his daughter and learning that the tyranny of the dragon was now over and he could begin rebuilding his city.


The story of St George and the Dragon is said to have been brought back by the early crusaders when dragons were often used in stories to represent the devil and features in the The Golden Legends. St George was a beacon of Christian strength and he has been celebrated by the English from as early as the 10th Century. There are now thousands of variations of the story in prose, poetry and ballads, however this story has continued to ignite the imaginations of people across the centuries.

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