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Sweet Calentine

This Valentine is all about love, warm hugs, kisses and appreciation. Yes, yes, I am talking about the best witch familiar, the graveyard guardian, the Ancient Egyptian pride and absolute dark beauty: the cat. And if you’re not convinced yet, here are a few reasons why we should be celebrating Calentine from now on.



I’ve put a spell on you!

When they stare at you, you become mesmerized by the colour and depth of their eyes. You cannot look away, you are frozen and all you want to do is stare back. You feel the need to pet them, give them compliments and treats.

All seeing

Cats are always watching us. Whether we are aware of it or not. They know where we are and what we are doing. They know how we feel and what we are thinking even before we know it.


They can teleport themselves from one spot to the other and sometimes disappear in other dimensions. That’s why sometimes we search for them in our homes, but we can’t find them. And, other times they just appear out of nowhere.

Living on the edge

Sometimes they want to test you. They will purr and show off their cute belly. Don’t fall for that. They just want to know if you have become a good human servant and listened to all their lessons so far. Whatever you do, do not touch the fluffy belly! And yet, in your heart you know you want to touch it.

Like a mermaid

Their voices are soft as silk. They will sing to you at any time of the day. Your ears will always want more and eventually you will not be able to live without their sweet melody. And yet, sometimes, just sometimes you will do just about anything to make them stop.

But above all they are cuddly, sweet and always at your side. If that’s not love…


Happy Calentine everyone! If you don’t own a cat, get one!


Words by – Niguanta


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