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Christmas Testimonials


‘I love Christmas. People are jolly, happy, they gather around the table and eat, drink and laugh all day long. They eat lots of meat and sweets and become fatty and…juicy.’

Jolly Zombie



‘As if the life of a werewolf isn’t hard enough…why did they have to invent that stupid tradition. Let’s kiss under the mistletoe, she said. It will be fun, she said. The stupid poisonous berries fell on my face and without realising it, I panicked, transformed and well…let’s just say I am single now.’

Lonely Wolf



‘The interesting part about Christmas is that people consume a large amount of alcohol to get into the Christmas spirit. So for me, it’s perfect. I never buy much alcohol around Christmas as there is plenty out there for free.’

Naughty Vamp



‘I love the ghost stories on Christmas Eve because some of them can be quite scary. Parents gather their children around the Christmas tree or close to the hearth and invent the most wonderful tales. I listen to all of them with full attention. Then, when the lights are dimmed, all the children are sent to bed and all is quiet and well, I reach for the most vulnerable one.’

Chatty Ghost



‘I work in an antique store and around Christmas, people ask me for all kinds of things. They want their presents to be special, old, with a story…Why would I not help? Of course, I never tell them the real stories. Why tell them that the ring is cursed or that the necklace was worn by an evil queen? Why not let them discover that for themselves…and the way they find out…priceless!’

Tricky Witch



And, how about you? What is your Wicked testimonial this Christmas?


Words by – Niguanta


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