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April Fool’s Day

Alchemy will help you play a good trick on someone who does not know much about the dark world. All you have to do is stay as cold and serious as Morticia Addams.

Invite someone for tea or coffee and be sure to have some ghastly looking tools to impress. And don’t forget to look charming when you open the door, for example wearing this innocent looking ear wrap or this cute and mysterious pendant.

If your guest asks where you got your splendid jewellery just smile and say that you participated last night to a treasure hunt around the cemetery. Do encourage your guest to come along next time.

‘Tea or coffee?’ You can ask and quickly exhibit the above items on the table. Let your guest take a good look at them before you start offering something sweet like cookies in a cute jar or some cupcakes resting on a decorate plate.

Make sure the cookies or cupcakes look a bit out of ordinary. And it would be nice to make a comment such as ‘it took me some time to find all the ingredients because you can’t find them in any local supermarket’. If the guest asks for more details, just smile and say nothing more.

Ask your guest to stay for dinner. Say that you can’t promise you will have the meat on time but you do guarantee it will fresh. An evil smile will work as a charm while you say this.

And finally invite your guest to a séance session. And it would be interesting to say ‘This time we won’t have any animal sacrifices but maybe we can all give a few drops from our blood. Newcomers usually need to give a bit more but don’t worry you don’t have to drink it. Only the leader of the séance will.’

And how will you scare your guest on April Fool’s Day? No matter what you do just know that Alchemy England will be there to support you.



Words by – Niguanta


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