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Danza Della Luna

Ghent has always been one of my favourite European cities. I do love beautiful historical inspired balls in beautiful venues. I would never miss a chance to mix with the beautifully dark and elite of the neo-romantic goth scene. So when all of these pieces fall into place, you know it’s going to be a great night.

I was invited as Guest of Honour, along with the exquisite Valentin Winter, to Danza Della Luna – a costumed romantic gala which aims to bring together artists to promote and share their arts. Along with a buffet dinner, performance arts, a fashion show and a dancefloor to whirl away the small hours of the morning. It was a feast for all the senses.

The venue for this event was the Castle of Zwijnaarde formerly known as the Castle “Della Faille d’Huysse”. It harbours a dramatic past behind its marvellous architectural appearance – being destroyed and rebuilt twice. Since 1420 it’s been the residence of several Counts of Flanders and more recently in the 19th century it became the private property of the noble family Della Faille d’Huysse who rebuilt the castle in a Neo-Rococo style after it got destroyed for the second time during World War I.

What always strikes me most about these events is the passion of the people behind them. Be rest assured organising an event of this scale is a serious undertaking and can sometimes be a thankless task – so I think it’s always worth hailing those who put their time, effort and heart into it and indeed thanking them. Our scene is not one of faceless organising bodies, but real people doing things for each other. I caught a few moments with Emmalyne Rose to hear what her event meant to her, in her own words.

From her love of fashion achieved at a young age through her mother’s sewing she sought to create fantastical designs for herself. However, her darker slant was not always appreciated by mainstream society and so she forged ahead to create a place where she and people like her would be showcased and welcomed: “with my event, I want to support and promote artists all around the world. I invite experienced artists as much as new artists. This way they come in contact at my event and it happens in a very relaxed atmosphere. They can fully be themselves and make acquaintances for future collaborations. I give them the opportunity to showcase their works at the event and put them in spotlights on the internet. For our guests the showcases and exhibitions make a part of their entertainment but for our artists it’s an opportunity to give the best of themselves, get feedback on their work and get in touch.”

“When you join us at Danza, you aren’t a customer, you aren’t a number, you are my guest. I am personally in charge of the whole organisation. From the preparations till the ticketing and all that happens during the event. I am among the guests, and you can talk to me any time! I love feedback so you can share me your thoughts! It doesn’t matter if it’s about the menu or the photobooth, … I will help you at my best. And like I always say… all I want is that my guests enjoy the event and keep on inspiring!”

And not only did the designers and models get to take to the catwalk, but there was a guest fashion show too – with prizes for costume, model and presentation. The prizes consisted of a certificate signed by the judging panel and a weekend away, either in a European castle, Paris or Elzas! Definately one worth participating in!

Do take a moment to take a look through the fantastic talent which gathered there:
Valentin Winter :
Cadavre Exquis :
Haute Gothure :
Le Marquis :
Martina Mary Lang :
Natascha Mattens :
Emmalyne Rose Couture :
Julia Lion Hair :
Coalescaremonium :
Avothea :

And keep an eye on these sites for the next edition!

Photos by Lux Immortalis, Bart Kools and Elias Gubbels


Words by – Lady Amaranth


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