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Mera Luna 2016

p1080622-sqA few weeks have now passed since we were sat in a field beneath a beautiful full moon, chatting and drinking with good friends in a field of a thousand more friends still unmet… and the first lines of one of my favourites songs resonate through the dulcet tones of Andrew Eldritch …”I’m lying on my back now, The stars look all too near, Flowers on the razor wire…” And the stars did look quite amazing, framed by the clouds passing eerily over the full round insignia shining down on the stars that milled through the crowds. But the memory remains…

p10806402-webMy second time at M’era Luna, and even better the last (although I didn’t imagine that would be possible at the time). This year we opted for the hotel option off-site and was a slightly different experience but one that I enjoyed in equal amounts. It was nice to get away and recharge for the next day of music and merriment and in my old age all-night parties and people take more of a toll than they used to, so a quiet hotel bed at the end of each day was a pleasure. The trips into and out of the festival ground waere also not really the issue I thought they may be – and if you are staying in a hotel in Hildesheim there’s the ‘Goths on a Bus’ daily trips which you can hop aboard for a minimal fee.

The weather was nigh on perfect with a nice gentle sun playing hide-and-seek with scattered clouds, and a warm breeze settling at around the 25 degree mark. Perhaps still not quite the place to pull on all your velvets, but my favourite chiffon dresses made the perfect lightweight accoutrement for the climate. The food and drink options also seemed a little better this year or perhaps our choices were just better? Regardless, washing down a creamy garlicy Handbrotzeit down with a glass of frozen mead is my idea of heaven.

Shopping again was a wash of temptation with the like of the magnificent Original Atelier and Videnoir Couture, and of course my magpie tendencies had to stop by Alchemy Gothic too, who this year even had their own M’era Luna range. A perfect memento of a fantastic weekend.


I really like M’era Luna, which somehow manages to keep the feel of a grass roots festival while still giving you that feeling of awe as you stand at and look over the sea of black to the impressive outdoor stage which sees some of the biggest names in alternative music tread its boards. I can’t express what moments in time that weekend provided – ones where we were young and carefree (or at least we were at heart!), where nothing mattered but each other, the music, and the world as we created it for those short hours in an airfield in the middle of Germany. People, and music and warm daytime melting into a sublime summer night. Perhaps VNV Nation said it best as their fitting paean echoed from the stage:

And fighting time, so much I ask
I will this moment last forever
Though seasons change and things come to pass
Remain inside of me
And fighting time so hard I pray
That this moment lasts forever
And will the world stay standing still, at least for me

‘Till next time!


Words by – Lady Amaranth


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