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Inaripatii- The Wings

The Wings.docxI have never been very fond of the human kind. Too plain for my taste, too dull. I did however follow their wars and quarrels from time to time when on greater scale and now and then my curiosity took over when it came to their bizarre traditions. That must have been my destiny for that is how it all started. And that is how I met him.

We lived in a city far above the human settlements, high up in the sky for it could only be reached by our kind. My kind…that is a little bit difficult to explain. We are not humans yet we do share their features; we are not vampires yet we share their immortality. We do not feed, we do not need air to breathe. We usually hide our nature from the human eye but there have been circumstances when we let our true nature be seen. Those humans who had this pleasure or perhaps the unfortunate event of seeing us, named us ‘The Wings’ for when we travel we mostly shift into a murder of crows. Though our true name is ‘Inaripatii’ meaning ‘The Winged Ones’. I must say I was always against revealing ourselves to the humans, though it just happened that one day I decided to do so and that is because he intrigued me the very moment I laid my eyes on him.

There was one human settlement just above the grounds, more outstanding than the rest, its towers almost reaching the clouds. The grey castle, I called it. Always surrounded by a blood chilling fog, always alone, deserted but with a perfect architecture I had not believed the human kind was ever capable of. Though, instead of this castle being honored by them, it served as an execution spot.

I always witnessed the executions far from above and it always looked messy and unnecessarily violent. I soon realized only the most horrible murderers were taken to this place. They had a little ceremony before each execution. Yet, one day, something went wrong and as always, my curiosity took over.

That day there was much chaos in the tower leading to the execution spot, a wide balcony mostly covered in fog and dried blood. I couldn’t help myself and I decided to have a look.

There was a lot of shouting when I landed on the balcony. Blood was in the air, fresh blood. I heard the clinging of steel and a child constantly screaming. I had never heard nor seen a child in these places before.

It all suddenly went silent. I walked slowly to inspect the situation.

The castle remained its impressive state yet I encountered dead bodies of soldiers, corpses and blood decorating the walls and ground all the way from the balcony to the entrance of the tower.

The tower room was lit.

I heard sobbing.
I slowly entered the tower room and I found a man on his knees crying. Next to him…a child, his eyes were two blooded spots as if someone had just ripped his eyes out. His whole face was scratched and his hands were blooded. The child, though all covered in blood was tied up to a chair. In a moment as if sensing my presence, the child started twisting in his chair and roared like a beast. The man looked at me and gasped. I stood before him in a pale yellow gown, the stunned expression on his face only making me more repulsed by the human ignorance.

‘So it is true!’ said the man ignoring the child. I knew he was referring to the existence of my kind.

‘Have you ever doubted?’ I asked.

‘I have constantly prayed to the Gods to send me an Angel.’

I never tried to argue with the simple minds. Whatever was unknown to them they simply regarded it as an act of the Gods. Luckily for me, I was mistaken for an Angel, for now…

‘Your child,’ I said looking at the boy struggling in his chair.

‘Not a child, but a demon, your Highness.’

The Wings1.docxI stared at the child, his face all blooded yet there was so much power within him. I immediately understood there was more to him, hardly a demon yet not quite human either.

‘He scratched his eyes out,’ said the man almost sobbing again, ‘killed all the men you see around you and will kill anyone who approaches him.’

‘Why are you here?’ I asked ignoring his last words.

‘I brought him here so that his soul can be cleansed, your Highness!’

‘Cleansed?’ I frowned then I thought about it. ‘Were you planning on killing your own child?’

‘My wife gave birth to him but this is no child of mine. He is a demon and must be…’ he stopped, looked at the child then at me ‘Will you help us? Please?’

‘Help you? Kill him?’ I looked at the pathetic man condescendingly. ‘You want me to kill your child? I should praise him for getting rid of your incompetent kind!’ I snapped.

To be continued…

Words by Niguanta


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