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Hunter’s Handbook

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Hunter's handmbook.docxNow that the darker days are coming, more and more monsters will be crawling out of their hideaways, ready to feast on the human flesh once again. You must be prepared for what is about to come.

First of all you must understand that monsters will be everywhere, monsters will be all around you. Don´t trust anyone, not even your own blood, not even the reflection you see in the mirror! So first lesson: trust no one! Second lesson, watch your back, day and night! True, most monsters will hunt during the night but that does not mean they won’t be there during the day.

My most important and third lesson: know your enemies!

  1. Hunter's handkbook.docxChimaera: An abomination of a few creatures put in one. Cut all its heads! And beware, it flies too, so make sure you put it down first!Hunter's handb'ook.docx
  1. Hunter'sjoij handbook.docxWerewolf: there is no cure! The sooner you understand that, the better it will be for you. Pass the stage where you think you might be able to save it and shoot it in the head and heart with silver bullets!
  1. Hunter's handklbook.docxVampire: the most devious creature of them all. Cut its head off, it is the only way, clean and
    easy. Don’t just stab it with a wooden stake. Don’t take that chance. Just decapitate that foul creature!
  1. Zombie: just when I think of the stench and the appearance, it makes me sick! Kill it, it is slow so you can easily finish it. But remember my words, they are contagious and usually travel in groups.
  1. Griffon: easy to kill, difficult to catch! Don’t be fooled by their majestic apparel. These are cruel and heartless creatures.
  1. Golem: powerful and hideous. But very tricky to kill, you must reach it through its master. That is it’s weakness.
  1. jwruhpiearufhpiDragon: are you joking? Run for your life, you can’t kill it! (Not yet!)
  1. Ghost: burn the corpse and everything that binds it to our world.
  1. Demon: you must first discover which one it is and then you can conclude if it is easy to kill or if you should run like hell!
  1. Gargoyle: break it down when it’s turned to stone during daylight.
  1. Manticore: arrow through the heart. Don’t get too close.
  1. Harpy: arrow it down but make sure your ears are protected from its deadly songs.
  1. Ogre: don’t tempt this alone!
  1. Ettercap: like all the bloody damn insects, burn it! Though you need something much bigger than a magnifying glass.
  1. Kelpie: lure it away from the water and stab it in the heart.

I do hope you don’t encounter many of these creatures this winter. But if you do, remember my advice and my words. If you fail then prey to the Gods that you don’t turn into one of them because then, sorry my friend, but I will have to hunt you down myself!

Words by Niguanta






As winter marches forwards and the dark hours of the night grow deeper and longer there will be many evil ghouls and beats to contend with. Keep reminders from the Hunter’s Handbook about your person with the Asmodeus Necklace [P699] one of the seven princes of hell with a red Swarovski crystal and blood red enamelled horns. The Wolverine Moon Necklace [P229] should be a constant reminder of the dangers you could face once a month, or the Gothic Bat Necklace [P121] and Bestia Regalis Necklace [P577] both of which are talismans for dangers you could face at any point during the evil winter months. Finally the A Rose of Eve Necklace [P689] a constant remind of the evil that can play havoc with your life if you allow yourself to be lead into temptation.

asmodeuswolverine-moongothic-bat bestia-regalisa-rose-for-eve

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