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Letters of the broken hearts

When it comes to love, we don’t need Valentine’s day to make us feel special. Love is something that should be experienced every day, every moment and every second of our lives. Love is beautiful, but it is also deadly if not answered. I came across a letter, written by a young woman to her love, in 1477. This letter was the the first known ‘Valentine’ in the English language. I decided to close my eyes and imagine the love story, how it was written, who wrote it and to whom, and were they truly in love, were they far away from each other and…were they even human?

“Dear Valentine,
I hate the way we parted. I am quite certain that this letter will not make it better, but I hope it might explain some of the things that I seem unable to say when I am around you.
We cannot be! Us, together – it is impossible. It is insane. It is imaginary! If you would know all the hatred my family carries for your kind, you would know this as well. Or perhaps you do, but reckless as you are you do not care. There is a difference between love, butterflies in your stomach, the feeling that you are the happiest person in the world and, reality, responsibility and consequences. You know that Valentine! You know I must not love you or think of you, as thoughts and eventual deeds will only cause us pain and certain death. I must ask you not to think of me, not to write to me, not to ask of me or even whisper my name! You must not Valentine. Please respect my wishes and my request.

“Dear Gabriela,
I too, hate the way we parted. But no more than this letter you have sent me. Are you jesting? Are you trying to turn my un-beating heart to ashes? I may be seen as cold and undead by your brothers, but what I feel for you…
The hatred your family carries? Must you know what my family thinks of yours? Your race? Your traditions and the full moon ceremonies? But indeed, I am reckless, I am not bothered by such scratches but I am bothered by the deep wound you have left in my soul. I should not think of you? Not ask of you? Should I stop living then? Should I plunge a stake into my heart? Is that what you ask of me? Is that what you truly desire? If you are playing with me, Gabriela, then please stop it at once! If you do not understand the way I feel about you, then for Dracula’s sake, agree to meet me as we have spoken before and let us talk about this! Give me a chance Gabriela. I beg you, do not deny me!
Yours for eternity and beyond,

By Niguanta, of Romania.

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