Start The New Year With New Alchemy Treasures…

new-years-resolutionsNew year, new you or so the mantra goes. It’s all connected to the custom of making a new year’s resolution, which dates back to ancient times when both the Babylonians and the Romans made promises to their respective gods. These days, our commitments are more about self-improvement than appeasing deities.

Many of us will have already resolved to be healthier maybe by going on a diet or giving up smoking but research has shown that despite best intentions, most won’t keep their promises.

LG62So if you need a little incentive to boost your will-power, why not pick a ‘reward’ from Alchemy’s extensive collection. If you’re giving up smoking, perhaps use the money you would have spent on cigarettes to buy the Empire ‘Intrepid’ Valise [LG62] – a unisex heavy-duty shoulder bag made from vintage-look cotton canvas and leather with plenty of compartments for all your worldly belongings.

Or if you’re dieting, you might like to put your chips or pastry fund towards a new piece of jewellery like the stunning Eve Pendant [P615], which features a pewter serpent coiled evocatively around a sparkling Swarovski crystal. Whatever you’ve resolved to do this year, Alchemy wishes you the very best of luck!


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