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Alchemy Recommends: Antiviral

Antiviral_(film)Set in a disturbingly plausible near future, where our obsession with celebrity has – almost literally – taken on the lethally contagious character of a virulent plague, Antiviral is chillingly compelling filmmaking. For those tired of predictable thrillers and brainless horror sequels, this bleak, original movie is both thoroughly thought-provoking and effectively stomach-churning.

Of Mice in Mail

cat arm 2Anyone whose ever had the misfortune to suffer a rodent infestation in their homes can tell you how loud such unwelcome guests can be, especially considering they have such little feet. Yet imagine if the mice or rats in question decided to tool up and don medieval armour in order to mount their assault… And if the cats, by way of an animal arms race, responded by doing the same… These are the sorts of curious fancies that the remarkable work of Jeff de Boer inspires. For Jeff is a Canadian artist whose attracted international acclaim with his unique, fully functional, life-sized suits of armour for cats, mice and rats. Continue reading

The Carnival of Venice!

Carevale 2002Every year, around three million people congregate to Italy’s famous canalled city to celebrate the Carnival of Venice. This annual masked event started off as a Catholic celebration and runs until midnight on Shrove Tuesday, which marks the beginning of Lent and a period of fasting. In the past, games and feasts were a traditional part of festivities but these days, many revellers come to the city to enjoy music and dancing as well as getting dressed up. Continue reading

Will You Be My Valentine…

valentinesThis may come as surprise to many but Valentine’s Day is infact the most celebrated holiday around the world after New Years Day!

Valentinus was an early Christian saint who was imprisoned by the Romans for performing weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry. His letter to the his jailers daughter signed “From Your Valentine” prior to his execution is for what he will be best remembered. Continue reading