The Carnival of Venice!

Carevale 2002Every year, around three million people congregate to Italy’s famous canalled city to celebrate the Carnival of Venice. This annual masked event started off as a Catholic celebration and runs until midnight on Shrove Tuesday, which marks the beginning of Lent and a period of fasting. In the past, games and feasts were a traditional part of festivities but these days, many revellers come to the city to enjoy music and dancing as well as getting dressed up.

Masquerade, or wearing a mask, is an essential part of the carnival. Each mask Carnival of Venice, Italy 2012has its own meaning and nowadays you can buy all sorts of ornate and colourful variants; some cover the whole face while others are just designed to hide the eyes. One of the most distinctive is the Medico della Peste, or Plague Doctor, which has a hollow ‘beak’ and was originally worn by physicians treating plague victims. Revellers often wear this sinister accessory with a complimentary black hat and long black cloak.

Alchemy has several pieces inspired by the Carnival of Venice. ‘The Venetian Mask Of Death’ necklace [P.591] is based around an elaborate 16th century mask portraying the face of death.


The colourful ‘Venetian Vanity’ ring [R.168] is influenced by a baroque styled Columbina half-mask, which is decorated with Swarovski crystals and translucent enamels. You could even go all out and purchase our matching Pendant, ‘Deception’ [P645].


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