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A Festive Kick Off…Alchemy Style!

christmas_party_venue_bg_tllon_enIt seems like only yesterday that we were getting ready to go on our summer holidays and now it’s almost Christmas! That means festive parties are on their way and whether you’re going to a student, work or private do, you’re probably already thinking about your outfit.

This season, the Neo Gothic look is a really big trend with designers and high street stores all working a little dark glamour into their ranges. If you’ve found your way to Alchemy’s website then chances are you’re already partial to alternative dressing so why not incorporate some authentic accessories into your festival outfit?

Add a twist of morbid sophistication with an Alchemy necklace like the Coffin Drop Cameo [P.608], which features Swarovski jewels and fastens with a delicate black ribbon. Or how about our exotic Folies Du Mort [P.614] from the vintage-inspired Deco Gothique range? It’s a real statement piece that’s decorated with tiny pewter skulls to make you stand out from the crowd.


And there’s no need for men to feel left out either – spruce up plain shirts with a pair of Skull ‘n’ Bones Stargazer Cufflinks [CL.10] or sew on some Pentagram Buttons [S.6].

fb buttons cufflinks

Order now to make sure your essential accessories arrive in time! You can order any of the above Alchemy Items, and many more goodies here:

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