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Valentine Ideas: a Little Help from Alchemy

This year Alchemy will help you celebrate an amazing Valentine.
When you come home in the evening just follow these Alchemy steps and success is guaranteed!

1. Decorate the house with these cute soft foam black roses hearts.

2. Cook a lovely meal using a handy chopping board such as the Raven & Roses.

3. During dinner make sure to use fancy glasses like the Thunderhammer beer glasses or the Ruah Vered goblets.


4. After dinner it’s time to relax with a nice cup of tea or coffee. Whichever you prefer, it can all be served in these wicked Alchemy mugs.

5. Now it’s time to set a romantic mood. Light up some scented candles in a fancy candle holder like the Rose Candle or just use the Black Rose fragrance diffuser.


6. Now it’s time for presents! Hide her gift in the Sacred Cat trinket box. Hide his gift in the Thor’s Hammer trinket box.


And speaking of gifts, how about Infinite Love for her and the Dark Wolf for him? Or something for both to share like the Coeur Crane or Draconic Tryst?


7. And last but not least, end the evening with some romantic poison using the Absinthe shot glasses.

There you have it. These are Alchemy’s wicked tips. The rest, I am afraid is…up to you.
Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!


Words by – Niguanta


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