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Where did Alchemy Come From?

An ancient, Egyptian mystery? A late Mediaeval ‘science’? A secret Renaissance enigma? Yes, all of these, but in more recent history it’s cultural impact has directly affected more people than all of these combined – but this time from Alchemy England!

Alchemy, like the occult, has always been a great mystery, understood by very few and it’s dark secrets only known and practiced by a handful of dedicated adepts. Shrouded in mythology, magic, religion, spirituality and intrigue, it’s objective has always been to achieve perfection, both spiritual and physical – transmutation, from the corrupt into the pure. This included the transformation of base metals into noble metals, the esoteric purification of the soul, the creation of the Philosopher’s Stone, an elixir of life to infuse youth and longevity.

Alchemy England was begun in 1977 by two punk/metalhead students, hand-making anarchistic, anti-jewellery from lead, and then on to skull rings, and pendants of daggers and pentagrams from real pewter. Each summer we took the ferry and went to all the festivals around Europe, selling from our car boot. Alchemy’s popularity grew and soon we were an alternative-culture design company, making merchandise for our heroes, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Sisters Of Mercy, Iron Maiden, Metallica and everyone! Creating dark art, which then became T-shirts, apparel and posters, and developing pioneering jewellery and lifestyle designs.

Alchemy England is as passionate now as it was in ’77, and is created by an amazing team of young alternative designers, artists and craftsmen, all of them, a true part of your thinking and your lifestyle!

Alchemy – Always Different!

Geoff Kayson

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