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Poe to be Put on a Pedestal

Even after his mysterious death in 1849, the poet and author Edgar Allan Poe remained controversial. Not just for the twisted tone of his chilling tales of terror, or the dark melancholy that haunted his romantic verse, but also for the turbulent life that informed them. During his lifetime, and just after his death, the many enemies Edgar provoked with his waspish tongue, responded by condemning him as a deviant and drunk, even a lunatic and drug addict. In the subsequent century, respected literary critics continued the cacophony of calumny, loftily dismissing his work as immature, clumsy, or even simply irrelevant.

Yet, despite this, Poe’s status has only grown over time, reaching a point where even his most stubborn critics must at least admire Edgar’s influence. He has been recognised as the father of science fiction and the modern detective novel, as well of course as America’s original Gothfather. His writing has not only inspired a legion of literary imitators, but been adapted for film, music, theatre, games, and countless other media even the ever inventive Edgar could never have dreamed of. Including jewellery, of which more anon…

The latest tribute to Poe’s genius comes in the form of a statue, to be erected by the Edgar Allan Poe Foundation this coming autumn, near the writer’s Boston birthplace. Entitled ‘Poe Returning to Boston’ the piece depicts Edgar striding forward brandishing a briefcase full of papers, flanked by a raven, the bird that became inextricably linked with Poe. Also spilling forth from his bag is a human heart, referencing perhaps both his short story ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’ – written near the site of the statue – and the tragic love affairs that plagued his life.

‘This is a triumphant Poe, returning confidently after a lifetime of literary creativity,’ Stefanie Rocknak, the sculptor commissioned to make the piece, told The Huffington Post. ‘The raven represents his global fame and endurance, the trunk full of papers symbolizes the scope and power of his work, and the trailing pages are engraved with texts published in or written about Boston.’ While currently still in clay form, the statue will ultimately be cast in bronze, and is scheduled to be officially unveiled on October 5th.

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