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Become an Alchemy Dealer!

Have you ever thought about becoming an Alchemy dealer? Whether you currently run a shop or webstore, or you are simply thinking of an extra or alternative income stream, Alchemy’s vast range of products and global popularity could be just what you are looking for!

Alchemy are the UK’s all-round alternative lifestyle-mongers, offering an unprecedented choice from a range of collections in one all purpose catalogue. Alchemy’s pedegree, background-history and long-experienced creative craftsmanship gives you everything you want to refine and indulge your own personal tastes.

Here at Alchemy we are wholeheartedly dedicated to the marketing of the brand to the benefit of all our dealers! With our increased marketing efforts, ever growing Licensed range of products and a standard of exceptional quality both our dealers and fans of the brand have become accustomed too, We have gained an enormous following the world over, with almost 120,000 fans now liking our Facebook page! So there is no better time than now, to come on board and reap the rewards of stocking a range of UK manufactured products from a highly successful well recognised brand which is continuing to grow from strength to strength each year!

When becoming an Alchemy dealer, your will be designated an account manager who will oversee the whole order process, taking personal care of your account and every need, offering as much advice as possible.

To find out more about becoming an Alchemy dealer, please visit our trade website and fill in the online registration form to receive our trade pack in the post, and login details to the site.

The Alchemy Editorial Team

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