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New Year, New Start

Did you make any new year’s resolutions? According to a survey, losing weight, saving money and giving up bad habits are among the most popular promises we make to ourselves but studies suggest that many of us will abandon our good intentions before the end of January.

There are loads of self-help lists being blogged at the moment but some easy ways to feel more virtuous include saving cash with packed rather than bought lunches and swapping your bought morning coffee for a home brewed variant in a thermal mug. You could squeeze in some extra exercise by getting off the bus a stop earlier or parking the car a little further away from home, school or work and walking the difference or perhaps learn a new skill or language with the help of some free online videos.

Remind yourself of your good intentions with a special piece of Alchemy jewellery, such as our Claustramoris [P.647] necklace. This black key is decorated with Swarovski crystals and a miniature skull that hangs around your neck to help with self-control. Or, if your resolutions include being more spontaneous, why not grab a Hi Roller [ULR.3] ring from our UL13 range. It’s a six-sided ring that can be used as a real dice when you need to make a fast decision.

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