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A Dark Engagement

At once a piece of sumptuous design and a token of dark affection, many tales surround the Dark Engagement as a symbol of an undying love that can never be. Whispers and rumours tell of a wealthy young man and a woman born of working class so deeply in love that they had eyes only for each other, wishing only to marry and make their union complete despite fierce disapproval from all sides and an era in which class divides made such a longing impossible.

Presenting her with this offering of betrothal, the young man promised to run away and elope with her on the condition that she wear the ring always, for the dark blue crystal within would only keep its rich colouring when worn by one completely in love. And run away they did, in the dead of night while prying eyes were sound asleep – though none know how their story ends. Decades after the ring was recovered, no trace has ever been found of the illicit couple, as though they have fallen out of time and recollection altogether…

A regally familiar, most authentically beautiful and stunning Swarovski crystal ‘sapphire and diamond’ engagement ring, but with artfully saturnine undertones. To treat yourself or a love one visit to order online through our recommended dealers.

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