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Daily Archives: 29 August 2012

The Rune Faerie 2013 Calendar

August 29th, 2012

Did you know the modern calendar has been around for 430 years? Its official name is the Gregorian calendar and it was introduced in Italy by Pope Gregory XIII back in 1582, although the concept of charting dates has been around much longer. The Gregorian calendar was adapted from a grid originally developed during the reign of Julius Caesar. The grid included so many leap years that by the 16th century, it was 10 days out! The Gregorian calendar was gradually rolled out across Europe over the next 400 years.

We tend to take calendars for granted now but when they were first conceived, they were an important way of ensuring that religious worship fell on the correct day. Originally hand-written as a chart rather than printed, they also ensured citizens knew when to pay their rents and taxes!

Calendars play an important role for Alchemy too and we’ve been designing our very own for several years following Gregorian methods. Our latest Rune Faerie calendar [CAL13] is an intricately illustrated grid that begins on 1 September and runs for 16 months. It also includes the Elder Futhark runes that were used by the Germanic tribes between 2 and 8 AD.

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