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Daily Archives: 14 August 2012

Positivity & The Prana Talisman

August 14th, 2012

People have been using the power of positive thinking to attract what they want and the kind of life they want from the universe for centuries! Even the likes of Albert Einstein, Beethoven, da Vinci and Winston Churchill have used this method of positive thinking to change their lives for the better, and these are to name but a few!

“you create your own universe as you go along” Winston Churchill (1874-1965)
Everybody on the planet is special and deserves a wonderful life and to have good positive things happen to them, but many people let life get them down, but ultimately we hold the key to our own happiness!
We all know about “the secret” which talks about changing every aspect of our lives and turning any weakness or suffering into strength , health and joy.

All of this is achieved through the simple changing of our thoughts and the way we think about things. There are no limits to what you can achieve and nothing is impossible. Thinking, feeling and visualising good things happening to us orders them through the universe and brings them to us.

The universe is our magic genie and our wishes are its command!
If changing the way you think and feel is something new for you then you may need something to focus your positive thoughts into.

The Prana Talisman is an excellent tool for this and can be kept close to you at all times to remind us of our goals and wishes, and to also remind us that we are amazing! To purchase one of these amazing Talismans you can visit