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Sponsored climb of Mount Kilimanjaro in aid of LOROS

June 30th, 2011

In September of last year the Alchemy family was left devastated following the death of our much loved Managing Director Sandra Phillipson, following her intrepid and spirited 9 month battle against cancer. Geoff & Kelin Phillipson (Sandra’s husband & daughter) have been working on a project to raise money & awareness for an invaluable institution that was such a comfort to San in her final days.

LOROS specialises in hospice care and, in order to help them to ( continue caring so compassionately for people in need, we would like to support them by raising funds.

In homage of San’s unfailing zest for life, Geoff and Kelin haven’t chosen a ‘sponsored bake off’ or a 5 km run but instead have chosen to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania, North Africa in aid of LOROS. Leaving the UK a week today on the 7th July 2011, they’ll embark on their monumental challenge to the very peak of Kilimanjaro, THE WORLD’S highest free standing mountain!

Committed to raising a MINIMUM of £7,000 for LOROS. They are now less that £1000 short of reaching their target, a week before they are due to depart the UK! Any donation you feel able to afford would be very much appreciated. In order to do this please go to and sponsor them via the personal sponsor website. Words of encouragement would also be appreciated! They’re going to need it.

Thank you in advance for all your kindness and support.

Let’s help them reach their target!!!

Alchemy Gothic Facebook Competition!

June 27th, 2011

The Alchemy Gothic Facebook page is approaching 20,000 fans!

In anticipation of reaching this milestone and as an appreciation to the fans of our Facebook page we are offering you the chance to win the following rare collectors piece which has been absent from the Alchemy Gothic Treasury since 2007!

AO2 Tarasque Oil Burner

To enter the Alchemy Facebook competition we would like you to help us reach new and existing fans of Alchemy that are unaware of our Facebook presence. To assist us and be entered in the competition all you need to do is:

Update your own personal or page status to tell all your friends/fans why you love Alchemy Gothic!
You will need to link Alchemy Gothic into the status by typing @Alchemy Gothic

You can tell your friends why you love Alchemy in general, or it could even be about a particular product. Here are a few examples:

* I love @Alchemy Gothic because….
* I love the @Alchemy Gothic _ _ _ _ pendant/ring/earring (etc) because….
* Please like the @Alchemy Gothic Facebook page because…

The competition will run until 12pm Monday 11th July with the winner being announced on Wednesday 13th July!

Best of luck!

The Ledge – Adrenaline with a shot of Business

June 24th, 2011

LondonEdge, is the firmly established and highly successful, most popular short-order-writing, edgy fashion trade-mecca for the Western world.

Alchemy have been ever present at LondonEdge since the very beginning and wholeheartedly supports the show, which has proved to be our single greatest source of new business and has undoubtedly played a major role in the worldwide success that the brand has achieved to date.

Launching this September is the brand new skate and adrenaline lifestyle show ‘The Ledge’ running in conjunction with and concurrently to the well established edgy trade shows LondonEdge & LondonCentral!

LondonEdge has ambitious plans to grow and develop it’s depth and diversity and its influence and effectiveness for the benefit of all its friends! ‘The Ledge’ will provide fantastic new opportunities for new and existing exhibitors and buyers alike. Being launched by an experienced, efficient organising & marketing team that is well versed in putting on a show that dares to be different! Visitors will have access to all 3 shows meaning increased diversity for buyers and increased footfall for exhibitors.

This September promises to be the best show yet! To find out more information or to apply for visitor passes please visit the following websites:

The Ledge

Please also ‘Like’ LondonEdge & ‘Ledge’ on Facebook by clicking on the following links:

The Alchemy Gothic Treasury

June 21st, 2011

Are you looking for that special Birthday, Wedding or Anniversary present?
Or maybe you would like to accessorise the place you call home, the space which represents us as individuals and best reflects our personality and character. For either of the above, you need to look no further than the exquisite range of giftware available from The Alchemy Gothic Treasury!

The range of giftware available from Alchemy is vast and includes Rose Vases, Glassware, Chalices, Walking Canes, Crystal Balls and much more! A must for all Alchemy Gothic fans! Hand made in Alchemy’s workshops in Leicester & Sheffield, the same level of quality and care that Alchemy’s range of jewellery is renowned for is also evident within the Alchemy Gothic Treasury.

As with all Alchemy Gothic products, ideas are conceived, researched, designed and developed within the Alchemy studios. Allow yourself to be fascinated by the intriguing stories of historical significance surrounding many of Alchemy Gothic’s stunning collection of Goblets and Chalices. Such as The Lord Byron Goblet and Lucrezia Borgia’s Poison Goblet.

Latest additions to The Alchemy Gothic Treasury include the Unus & Tres Thorns of Passion Rose Vases. An elegant, though torturous tangle of bloodied thorns. Available as a single rose vase as well as a trio of rose vials, each dripping with swarovski crystal.

To find out more about the Alchemy Treasury please visit

To order on-line please visit the Alchemy Gothic On-line Dealers Page

Alchemy Gothic: Westenra Choker/Westenra Spica (P593/E289)

June 14th, 2011

An intricate jugular garnish that speaks of decadent wealth, all the while hiding the bite that lingers beneath. Intricate pewter work, studded with green crystals and strung on a wide black ribbon for true baroque style. A perfect accompaniment comes in the form of stunningly decadent earrings, perfect to complete Lucy Westenra’s post-Whitby jewel set.

Beautiful, innocent and pure, well loved by all who came across her, Lucy Westenra could not have been less deserving of the fate that befell her. Though men queued to court her, Westenra’s frailty and weakness soon began to show; a sign of blood loss, something more sinister, of the vampire Dracula having chosen her as his latest victim.

Within days, and despite efforts made by her mother and the famed vampire hunter, Doctor Van Helsing, the girl was dead – but that was not to be the end of her story.

Tales of a striking woman who stalked the night in search of the blood of small children soon began to circulate – Lucy lived again, though this time as one of the sentient undead; a vampire created in Dracula’s own shadow.

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New Alchemy UL13! Urban, Tattoo, & Rock ‘n Roll pendants, buckles & more…

June 10th, 2011

Alchemy1977 brings you the latest new releases to the increasingly popular brand of Urban, Tattoo & Rock ‘n Roll Lifestyle accessories, Alchemy UL13!

Alchemy UL13 is a range of products replete with classic and retro tattoo and rock symbolism, biker’s and boarder’s icons, but woven-through with that distinctive Alchemy pedigree.

Designed to take Alchemy back to its rock ‘n roll roots for guys and girls with attitude – no-nonsense, original design, classic, urban and tattoo inspired pendants, buckles and other essentials!

View the whole range on our Facebook page:

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Alchemy at the International Licensing Expo, Las Vegas

June 9th, 2011

Alchemy will be exhibiting at the International Licensing Expo in Las Vegas next week.

Come and see us at booth number 5609 at The Mandalay Bay Convention center between Tuesday 14th and Thursday 16th June.

See you there!!

Click on one of the images below to visit the brand new Alchemy Licensing website.

Official Alchemy1977 Blog Site!

June 9th, 2011

Welcome to the new official Alchemy1977 blog site!

We will be using this new blog to keep you, all our loyal fans up to date with all things Alchemy. New products, Promotions, Competitions, Licensed products and details of all upcoming shows and festivals!

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Daedalus Penna Scienta (P594)

June 8th, 2011

Revealing the intrinsic beauty of the miraculous, mechanical, bat-winged flying machine.

Enamoured by the grace of bats in flight, the Victorian engineers of the Steampunk revolution took to studying the pull and strain of musculature that enabled such a miracle, and applied it to their machines – the better that humanity might be able to do the same, and soar through the smog of industry towards the stars and beyond.

Based on the early plans of these innovative pioneers, Alchemy has devised the Daedalus Penna Scienta pendant; not only to hail their ambition and ingenuity, but also to celebrate the intricate workings of such a fascinating miracle of nature.

Receive the NEW Alchemy UL13 catalogue Free of charge!

June 8th, 2011

Alchemy * UL13

Please let me introduce to you Alchemy’s biggest ever selling sub range; Alchemy UL13, a range of products replete with classic and retro tattoo and rock symbolism, biker’s and boarder’s icons, but woven-through with that distinctive Alchemy pedigree.

Alchemy UL13 along side UL17 was created to take Alchemy back to its rock ‘n roll roots for guys and girls with attitude – no-nonsense, original design, classic, urban and tattoo inspired pendants, buckles and other essentials!


Over the last 3 years the UL13 & UL17 range has proved to be a huge success and is now the biggest selling sub range to the Alchemy Gothic collection that we have ever produced.

Alchemy will be Launching the latest additions to the range early next month!

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To view the current range of products please click on the image below


Alchemy Gothic jewellery Blog

June 7th, 2011

Alchemy Empire and steampunk:

NEW RELEASES by Alchemy Gothic