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Daily Archives: 21 June 2011

The Alchemy Gothic Treasury

June 21st, 2011

Are you looking for that special Birthday, Wedding or Anniversary present?
Or maybe you would like to accessorise the place you call home, the space which represents us as individuals and best reflects our personality and character. For either of the above, you need to look no further than the exquisite range of giftware available from The Alchemy Gothic Treasury!

The range of giftware available from Alchemy is vast and includes Rose Vases, Glassware, Chalices, Walking Canes, Crystal Balls and much more! A must for all Alchemy Gothic fans! Hand made in Alchemy’s workshops in Leicester & Sheffield, the same level of quality and care that Alchemy’s range of jewellery is renowned for is also evident within the Alchemy Gothic Treasury.

As with all Alchemy Gothic products, ideas are conceived, researched, designed and developed within the Alchemy studios. Allow yourself to be fascinated by the intriguing stories of historical significance surrounding many of Alchemy Gothic’s stunning collection of Goblets and Chalices. Such as The Lord Byron Goblet and Lucrezia Borgia’s Poison Goblet.

Latest additions to The Alchemy Gothic Treasury include the Unus & Tres Thorns of Passion Rose Vases. An elegant, though torturous tangle of bloodied thorns. Available as a single rose vase as well as a trio of rose vials, each dripping with swarovski crystal.

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