• Bath Salts
  • Candle Holders & Tea...
    A selection of fantasy and gothic candle holders in cast poly-resin, by The Vault at Alchemy.
    Subjects covered include dragons, claws, reapers, skeletons, skulls.
  • Caskets & Boxes
  • Clocks
    The most absolutely unique, strange and imaginatively designed clocks available anywhere, from complex and intricate inventions hand-engineered in English Pewter and brass, to affordable Vault by Alchemy poly-resin extravagances.
    Subjects covered include steampunk, time machines, chronology, claws, skeletons.
  • Dining
  • Drinking Vessels
    Goblets, Wine Glasses, Beer & Ale Glasses, Flasks, Tankards, Shot Glasses, Absinthe Glasses, Absinthe Spoons, Mugs, Champagne glasses etc.
  • Garden Light
  • Gear Knobs
    The classic Alchemist metallised resin gear knob for customising your car.
  • Hanging Decorations
  • Miniature Ornaments
  • Photo Frame
  • Printed Products
    Poster Flags, Playing Cards, Tarot Cards, 3D Postcards, Wooden Wall Art and the latest Alchemy Calendar.
  • Roses
  • Skulls
    A selection of detailed and realistic skulls of various types and sizes by The Vault by Alchemy, in hand cast and painted resin.
  • Stationery
  • Table Ornaments
  • Wall, Compact & Hand...
    A collection of curious, feminine and fantastical hand and table mirrors to pamper the eccentric, in hand-made poly-resin.
  • Wall Plaque
  • Wands

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