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Phobias – More Than A Simple Fear..

A phobia is an intense, irrational, repetitive thought about an object or situation that can, unfortunately, control people’s lives.

Arachnophobia is one common phobia that people would admit to having and is more predominant in women more then men, but the extent to this phobia can vary, with some people having a mild form of anxiety, while others will panic if they see a picture of a spider, let alone come into contact with one!

There are many treatments for phobias to help people control there anxiety. Behavioural psychologists use a simple form form of treatment, known as flooding. This is were the person is exposed to there fear until the fear itself fades away. This treatment has been proven to be very effective when the individual is exposed gradually to their fear over a period of weeks.

Not all of us have a phobia of spiders, so why not purchase some of Alchemy’s spider inspired jewellery. If you do suffer from Arachnophobia why not try and overcome your fear, Alchemy style, by wearing some of our statement jewellery, such as the stunning ‘Emerald Venom Pendant’ (P432).. Or brave wearing the ‘Black Widow Studs’ (E169)

You can order yours online by visiting our approved list of dealers at http://www.alchemyengland.com/buy

Vampire Hunting Kit Makes a Killing

An antique vampire-hunting kit, auctioned by the English firm Tennants last weekend easily exceeded estimates when it sold for £7,500 (around $11,500 or 9,500 Euros). Consisting of a mahogany case containing such slaying staples as a crucifix, stakes, a pistol and a rosary, the auctioneer’s valuer, Oonagh Drage, observed that it was “probably a novelty thing. It’s playing to people’s superstitions.” Similar kits have sporadically surfaced for sale at auction houses since the 1970s, and now occasionally appear on online bidding sites, but remain controversial.

While few experts believe that they were ever truly sold in the 1800s to protect travellers from the undead, some, like Ms Drage, suggest that they might have been marketed as Victorian Gothic novelties. Several well-informed sceptics – like Jonathan Ferguson, curator of firearms at the Leeds Royal Armouries – have cast doubt on the idea that any of the vampire-hunting kits are authentic antiques. Yet it was Mr Ferguson who made the winning bid on the museum’s behalf. “We’ve yet to establish a firm date for our kit, but we know it will attract a lot of interest from our museum visitors”, he said.

While here at Alchemy we wouldn’t like to be seen as promoting vampire-hunting – some of our best friends are undead – anybody looking to sport a crucifix motif is spoilt for choice by our range, featuring everything from the subtle Pugin’s Cross ring to the flamboyance of the Torquemada Cross-Tegere earring. Dedicated foes of the denizens of darkness might also like to consider the Eschat Pinn or Death of a Vampire – two pendants with stake motifs that should show even the bloodthirstiest ghouls that you mean business…

Alchemy Gothic Jewellery featured in this months National Geographic magazine!

Alchemy’s Spithrella Pendant & Mircalla Choker have been spotted in this months National Geographic magazine. An article all about twins features Camille and Kennerly Kitt sporting matching outfits including both Alchemy Gothic accessories. The photo below was taken on set whilst filming the upcoming film Creeporia.

Commenting on Alchemy’s Facebook wall the Kitt twins posted:

Thank you for featuring our photo from NatGeo Magazine! The necklaces are GORGEOUS and we wore them every day for the entire month of filming “Creeporia”! We will be wearing them at appearances this year to promote the film (“Creeporia” is scheduled to release sometime in 2012)

To view to National Geographic article online visit http://tinyurl.com/KittTwinsNatGeo

Alchemy Metal-Wear, Order Your FREE Catalogue!

Alchemy Metal-Wear! Official launch date January 4th 2012….
Into Battle: The Alchemist has a rendezvous with the past.

The old-school, hard core metal, blood and noise is back! You are witness to the spectacular restoration of the classic, testosterone-charged Alchemy Metal-Wear collection, with this stunning re-launch, first issue of the new catalogue of metal-focused accessories, including brand new hard and edgy designs, and the promise of much more to come!

To receive your very own copy FREE OF CHARGE,
email cataloguerequests@alchemygroup.com with your full address details.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from all of us at Alchemy!!!

Design your own Alchemy Metal-Wear pendant!

Here is your opportunity to design your very own Alchemy Metal-Wear pendant in solid sterling silver!

Metal Hammer have their 25th anniversary in October, and to celebrate Alchemy have teamed up with Metal Hammer, to give one privileged Hammer or Classic Rock reader the fantastic opportunity to design a special edition, new Alchemy Metal-Wear pendant. The winner will receive a one-off, solid sterling silver version of their design, plus five regular pewter editions.

Your design can be presented as anything from a pencil drawing to a digital rendering, but it is the subject, its style and shape, proportions, originality and overall appeal that will determine the judges’ choice, not the drawing’s technical quality. The pendant can be no bigger than two-and-a-half inches long.

The winning entry will be modelled by Alchemy Studios’ sculptors, and will go into limited-edition production, in pewter, to be sold worldwide, with full credit to the winning designer. The winner also gets £250 worth of Alchemy credit!

Visit www.futurecompetitions.com/alchemy/Default.asp

To further celebrate the 25th anniversary season, check out the Metal Hammer Editor’s monthly choice of rock accessories with a rather lovely 25% savings! Check http://www.myfavouritemagazines.co.uk/metal-hammer-alchemy/ for this month’s selection of Alchemy MetalWear.

Alchemy Gothic: Westenra Choker/Westenra Spica (P593/E289)

An intricate jugular garnish that speaks of decadent wealth, all the while hiding the bite that lingers beneath. Intricate pewter work, studded with green crystals and strung on a wide black ribbon for true baroque style. A perfect accompaniment comes in the form of stunningly decadent earrings, perfect to complete Lucy Westenra’s post-Whitby jewel set.

Beautiful, innocent and pure, well loved by all who came across her, Lucy Westenra could not have been less deserving of the fate that befell her. Though men queued to court her, Westenra’s frailty and weakness soon began to show; a sign of blood loss, something more sinister, of the vampire Dracula having chosen her as his latest victim.

Within days, and despite efforts made by her mother and the famed vampire hunter, Doctor Van Helsing, the girl was dead – but that was not to be the end of her story.

Tales of a striking woman who stalked the night in search of the blood of small children soon began to circulate – Lucy lived again, though this time as one of the sentient undead; a vampire created in Dracula’s own shadow.

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