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The Carnival of Venice!

Carevale 2002Every year, around three million people congregate to Italy’s famous canalled city to celebrate the Carnival of Venice. This annual masked event started off as a Catholic celebration and runs until midnight on Shrove Tuesday, which marks the beginning of Lent and a period of fasting. In the past, games and feasts were a traditional part of festivities but these days, many revellers come to the city to enjoy music and dancing as well as getting dressed up. Continue reading

Grab your wellies & rock out at the Download Festival!

When Festivals were first born they were regarded a small and barely talked about event, with a small stage and a few local bands. As time progressed the world began to adapt to the true concept of a music celebration, without boundaries! One of the best and most recognised Festivals of our time is The Woodstock Festival, held for the first time in the summer of 69. With legendary artists included in the line up, such as Jimi Hendrix! Since then the ‘Rolling Stone Magazine’ has listed Woodstock as one of the 50 Moments That Changed The History Of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Now every city and their mother has a music festival and has become dedicated to bring you the best fiery summer festivals! Festivals have become a passion for many people, and the chance to get down and dirty in muddy fields infested with music lovers sells itself! Whether you’re a Metal-head, Rocker or Raver, whether you love to be in thick of a mosh-pit, crowd surfing, or simply chilling out with a cold beer in hand, nothing rivals the thrill of taking in live music with the company of thousands of others.

Alchemy and the best rock festivals come hand-in-hand, and is a great opportunity for you to show off your most extravagant Alchemy possessions! Luckily for all our fans we will be appearing at two of the headlining UK festivals of 2012. Are you going to be joining us? Look out for the Alchemy1977 stand to purchase your favourite pieces at; DOWNLOAD from 8-10th of June and BLOODSTOCK from 9-12th of August. Grab your wellies, rock out and dive into the highlight of the summer season!

Lucy Westenra; the curse of Count Dracula

Beautiful, innocent and pure, well loved by all who came across her, Lucy Westenra could not have been less deserving of the fate that befell her. Westenra’s frailty and weakness soon began to show; a sign of blood loss, something more sinister, of the vampire Dracula chosing her as his latest victim. Within days, and despite efforts made by her mother and the famed vampire hunter, Doctor Van Helsing, the girl was dead – but that was not to be the end of her story.

Tales of a striking woman who stalked the night in search of the blood of small children soon began to circulate – Lucy lived again, though this time as one of the sentient undead; a vampire created in Dracula’s own shadow.

Designed to hide the bite that lingers beneath, Lucy’s lavishly delicate jugular garnish conceals the punctures of the Count Dracula. The stunning Westenra choker (P593), with it’s intricate pewter work, studded with green crystals and strung on a wide black ribbon for true baroque style, accompanied in the form of the wonderfully decadent earrings (E289), create the perfect complete Lucy Westenra’s post-Whitby jewel set.

To order your very own Lucy Westenra jewellery set, you can browse the Alchemy dealer page at: http://www.alchemyengland.com/buy

Alchemy Artwork Friday

Launched last Friday on the Alchemy1977 Facebook page was a brand new weekly feature aimed at sharing the inspiration and meaning behind Alchemy’s most popular artwork, as well as treating you to a first glimpse of the latest designs, straight from the sketch book!

The first image posted, by the name of ‘The King’s Reaper’ was a brand new creation from the Alchemy Gothic sketchbook:

“A spectral figure stalks the smoking battlefields of mediaeval England feeding on the swirling turmoil, as the War of the Roses thunders towards it’s dynastic apocalypse. Living in the majestic conviction that they are appointed by God, each crowned head inevitably falls beneath the scythe of the King’s Reaper.”

Second was another brand new piece of art, this time from The UL13 sketchbook: SS UL13.

“Shiver your timbers and get those barnacles scraped you scurvy lubbers, when the SS UL13 sails into harbour
the dead get shore-leave from Davey Jones’ Locker.”

If you wish to delve deeper into the creative minds of our incredibly talented design team and would like to gain more insight into the vast array of Alchemy1977 Artwork, make sure you ‘LIKE’ us on Facebook and visit our timeline every Friday!

Alchemy Gothic Jewellery featured in this months National Geographic magazine!

Alchemy’s Spithrella Pendant & Mircalla Choker have been spotted in this months National Geographic magazine. An article all about twins features Camille and Kennerly Kitt sporting matching outfits including both Alchemy Gothic accessories. The photo below was taken on set whilst filming the upcoming film Creeporia.

Commenting on Alchemy’s Facebook wall the Kitt twins posted:

Thank you for featuring our photo from NatGeo Magazine! The necklaces are GORGEOUS and we wore them every day for the entire month of filming “Creeporia”! We will be wearing them at appearances this year to promote the film (“Creeporia” is scheduled to release sometime in 2012)

To view to National Geographic article online visit http://tinyurl.com/KittTwinsNatGeo

Alchemy Gothic New Releases!

The month of September saw the launch of a brand NEW Alchemy Gothic catalogue and a whole selection of new releases. Showcased at the recent LondonEdge & Autumn Fair exhibitions, the reaction to this seasons new products has been incredible, and I am sure that you will agree that our superb design team have excelled themselves once again!

Creations such as the E296 Harvester Earring (left) have proved to be a huge success. Amongst other luxurious new releases, you will also find the stunning Venetian Vanity Ring (R168). ‘Deception and illicit indulgence hide behind the beguiling, traditional, Baroque mask of the Carnevale’; as well as the Diamond Heart pendant (P609), ‘An accursed black dragon, with the heart of a diamond’.

The latest innovative development from The Alchemy Studios is ‘Deco Gothique’. A fusion of 1920s vintage and the darker recesses of morbidity, creating a sumptuous range of jewellery and giftware for those with the most discerning of tastes. Showcased at our Autumn exhibitions the response to ‘Deco Gothique’ has been phenomenal. A must have addition to any Autumn/ Winter collection.
The Deco Gothique theme is echoed through our beautiful new catalogue. This year, we have omitted the treasury section and created a catalogue where you will flow through all of the jewellery and accessory sections with ease. We have also introduced model shots which perfectly display the jewellery grouped into sets, to help you visualise how the jewellery will look and present to you the matching items available.
We are constantly striving to enhance your Alchemy experience and trust you will find the changes beneficial while enjoying the catalogue. You can view all Alchemy Gothic New Releases by visiting Alchemy New Releases

To find an online Alchemy retailer in your region to order any of the brand new Alchemy Gothic products then please visit www.alchemygothic.com/buy

Brand new look Alchemy Gothic catalogue!

Excitement is building here at the Alchemy Studios as the launch of a stunning new look Alchemy Gothic Catalogue is only weeks away. As always the 2011/12 catalogue will be complete with many extraordinary designs, both old and new.

This year we have omitted the Alchemy Treasury section and have created a catalogue that will flow through all of the jewellery and accessory sections with ease. Alchemy giftware will be sat towards the back of the catalogue along with tees and licensed products.

We are pleased to announce that this year we have introduced model shots which perfectly display the jewellery grouped into sets, to help you visualise how the jewellery will look and present to you the matching items available.

We are constantly striving to enhance your Alchemy experience and trust that you will find the changes made a great help when viewing the catalogue!

We are sure that you will agree with us, that this years new catalogue will prove to be the very best yet!

As always with the launch of a brand new catalogue there will be whole range of new designs for you to feast your eyes on!

To receive this years stunning new look catalogue free of charge please email our new dedicated catalogue request email address cataloguerequests@alchemygroup.com with your name, address and contact telephone number to receive your very own copy!


Our loyal and long-term followers will not fail to notice the temperamental change in the general appearance of our upcoming, 17th, brand new ‘Alchemy Gothic’ catalogue. This marked difference is the latest step towards Alchemy’s aesthetic transcendence.

Prior to this and since 1984 the original collection was established as ‘Alchemy Metal-Wear’; born in the Dark Ages and of the ancient fires of Weyland’s forge. However, times change, and with it, the evolution of extraordinary design.

Over the years, demands have increasingly and innexorably lead much of Alchemy’s output down the path of a more alt-fashion direction, with Alchemy Gothic developing more refined designs and with a greater tendancy towards feminine atire.

Now, under the uberbrand Alchemy1977, Alchemy are the UK’s all-round alternative lifestyle-mongers, offering an unprecedented choice from a range of dedicated catalogues. Alchemy’s pedegree, background-history and long-experienced creative craftsmanship give you everything you want to refine and indulge your own personal tastes.

As a direct consequence of this and by popular demand ‘Alchemy Gothic’, per-se, has developed and moved-on to create the World’s most original, exciting and sophisticated, alternative fashion jewellery collection, (catalogue out on September 8th). However, old-school, hard core metal and noise has not been neglected; flip the alternative culture coin and the end of this year is celebrating Alchemy’s spectacular restoration of its classic, testosterone-charged Alchemy Metal-Wear collection, with a stunning new catalogue of metal-focused accessories including a host of brand new hard and edgy designs.

The Alchemist has a rendezvous with the past…

Design your own Alchemy Metal-Wear pendant!

Here is your opportunity to design your very own Alchemy Metal-Wear pendant in solid sterling silver!

Metal Hammer have their 25th anniversary in October, and to celebrate Alchemy have teamed up with Metal Hammer, to give one privileged Hammer or Classic Rock reader the fantastic opportunity to design a special edition, new Alchemy Metal-Wear pendant. The winner will receive a one-off, solid sterling silver version of their design, plus five regular pewter editions.

Your design can be presented as anything from a pencil drawing to a digital rendering, but it is the subject, its style and shape, proportions, originality and overall appeal that will determine the judges’ choice, not the drawing’s technical quality. The pendant can be no bigger than two-and-a-half inches long.

The winning entry will be modelled by Alchemy Studios’ sculptors, and will go into limited-edition production, in pewter, to be sold worldwide, with full credit to the winning designer. The winner also gets £250 worth of Alchemy credit!

Visit www.futurecompetitions.com/alchemy/Default.asp

To further celebrate the 25th anniversary season, check out the Metal Hammer Editor’s monthly choice of rock accessories with a rather lovely 25% savings! Check http://www.myfavouritemagazines.co.uk/metal-hammer-alchemy/ for this month’s selection of Alchemy MetalWear.

Alchemy Gothic Facebook Competition!

The Alchemy Gothic Facebook page is approaching 20,000 fans!

In anticipation of reaching this milestone and as an appreciation to the fans of our Facebook page we are offering you the chance to win the following rare collectors piece which has been absent from the Alchemy Gothic Treasury since 2007!

AO2 Tarasque Oil Burner

To enter the Alchemy Facebook competition we would like you to help us reach new and existing fans of Alchemy that are unaware of our Facebook presence. To assist us and be entered in the competition all you need to do is:

Update your own personal or page status to tell all your friends/fans why you love Alchemy Gothic!
You will need to link Alchemy Gothic into the status by typing @Alchemy Gothic

You can tell your friends why you love Alchemy in general, or it could even be about a particular product. Here are a few examples:

* I love @Alchemy Gothic because….
* I love the @Alchemy Gothic _ _ _ _ pendant/ring/earring (etc) because….
* Please like the @Alchemy Gothic Facebook page because…

The competition will run until 12pm Monday 11th July with the winner being announced on Wednesday 13th July!

Best of luck!

The Ledge – Adrenaline with a shot of Business

LondonEdge, is the firmly established and highly successful, most popular short-order-writing, edgy fashion trade-mecca for the Western world.

Alchemy have been ever present at LondonEdge since the very beginning and wholeheartedly supports the show, which has proved to be our single greatest source of new business and has undoubtedly played a major role in the worldwide success that the brand has achieved to date.

Launching this September is the brand new skate and adrenaline lifestyle show ‘The Ledge’ running in conjunction with and concurrently to the well established edgy trade shows LondonEdge & LondonCentral!

LondonEdge has ambitious plans to grow and develop it’s depth and diversity and its influence and effectiveness for the benefit of all its friends! ‘The Ledge’ will provide fantastic new opportunities for new and existing exhibitors and buyers alike. Being launched by an experienced, efficient organising & marketing team that is well versed in putting on a show that dares to be different! Visitors will have access to all 3 shows meaning increased diversity for buyers and increased footfall for exhibitors.

This September promises to be the best show yet! To find out more information or to apply for visitor passes please visit the following websites:

The Ledge

Please also ‘Like’ LondonEdge & ‘Ledge’ on Facebook by clicking on the following links:

The Alchemy Gothic Treasury

Are you looking for that special Birthday, Wedding or Anniversary present?
Or maybe you would like to accessorise the place you call home, the space which represents us as individuals and best reflects our personality and character. For either of the above, you need to look no further than the exquisite range of giftware available from The Alchemy Gothic Treasury!

The range of giftware available from Alchemy is vast and includes Rose Vases, Glassware, Chalices, Walking Canes, Crystal Balls and much more! A must for all Alchemy Gothic fans! Hand made in Alchemy’s workshops in Leicester & Sheffield, the same level of quality and care that Alchemy’s range of jewellery is renowned for is also evident within the Alchemy Gothic Treasury.

As with all Alchemy Gothic products, ideas are conceived, researched, designed and developed within the Alchemy studios. Allow yourself to be fascinated by the intriguing stories of historical significance surrounding many of Alchemy Gothic’s stunning collection of Goblets and Chalices. Such as The Lord Byron Goblet and Lucrezia Borgia’s Poison Goblet.

Latest additions to The Alchemy Gothic Treasury include the Unus & Tres Thorns of Passion Rose Vases. An elegant, though torturous tangle of bloodied thorns. Available as a single rose vase as well as a trio of rose vials, each dripping with swarovski crystal.

To find out more about the Alchemy Treasury please visit www.alchemygothic.com

To order on-line please visit the Alchemy Gothic On-line Dealers Page