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Goddess Pendant (P845)Some people don’t celebrate Halloween. They find it strange and scary. But, whatever their opinion they do celebrate it in the end…they just don’t realise it.

Worshipping Bastet Bracelet (A135)Dark weather: Rain, wind, coldness and darkness. That’s the best start of a Halloween day. People may complain it’s just the harsh October weather but we know better.

Jumpy: Whether it’s a coffee accident or someone bumping into them, the day will be filled with little incidents that will give them a chilling scare. After all, what’s Halloween without a bit of a thrill?

Candy craving: Of course, normal people today will suddenly develop a craving for chocolate, candy and all that’s sweet. And the fun part is they won’t understand where the sudden craving is coming from.

Kitty attack: Suddenly there are cats everywhere. Well, that’s how the world should be, don’t you agree? Cats should rule the world. But, until that day comes, normal people will see at least 3 or 4 black cats today. Hopefully they are a bit superstitious as well.

Kiss The Night Droppers (E429)Ode to Nosferatu: What is Halloween without honouring one of the greatest inspirations to us all, Dracula? So how will normal people notice him? Well, when they’ll look in the mirror today, they’ll notice their faces have grown a little paler. They will blame it on the weather and bad night sleep but we know who is responsible for it…

I am a witch and on Halloween I like to set spells on those Halloween non-believers. To them it’s just a day with a few abnormalities. To me…it’s just Halloween!


Words by – Niguanta


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