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Forever is a Very Long Time

Skull - Tea Light Holder (V74)I look daily at the pictures we took together. Even though it hurts, I can’t live a day without looking at them, looking at your face and your smile. The world was at our feet back then and nothing could have stopped us. At least that’s what we thought.

You hated crowds so we always spent the evenings in beautiful and deserted places. We’d light a candle, put some music, dance and just dream, though our dream had already come true. We found each other.

Many times I tried reaching you but with no success. I summoned demons, angels, ghosts, praying before my altar and yet, nothing ever seemed to work. You were far away. I lost you. You were not dead but I lost you.


Ruah Vered Wall Mount / Altar Piece (V68)Devil's Heart Hand Mirror (V80)But, miracles do happen. They happen when you’re least expected. I saw you in my mirror the other day. You were there, smiling at me. I thought first it was my own mind playing tricks on me but it was real, you were real. And I knew even though you were far away, you hadn’t forgotten me.

Some say you never existed. Others say I created you with my crazy mind. None of them could see you in the pictures I showed them. But, I can! And I believe in everything we had together. I have my memories, the beauty of your face, your smile and all of our times together to prove to me that you were real, you loved me and I was with you.

Kraken Photo Frame (V76)Our curse is when we fall in love with the unexpected, the excitement, the unreachable and the forever living souls. They can stay for a while in our lives but they can’t remain forever. After all, to them, forever is such a very long time.


Words by – Niguanta



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Skull - Tea Light Holder (V74)   Ruah Vered Wall Mount / Altar Piece (V68)   Devil's Heart Hand Mirror (V80)   Kraken Photo Frame (V76)

 Skull – Tea Light Holder (V74), Ruah Vered Wall Mount / Altar Piece (V68), Devil’s Heart Hand Mirror (V80), Kraken Photo Frame (V76)


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