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Merciful Fate

I knew I was cursed the moment I set my eyes on him. I don’t know how he did it but I was completely mesmerized by his features, his dark eyes and unbelievably kissable smile. It was as if time had stopped just for me to observe the beauty that stood before me. I wasn’t having an easy life lately. I was so buried in problems and stress that I hardly paid any attention to my surrounding. Until he forced me to.

He came and sat before me in a busy coffee shop and just started talking as if we had known each other for years. At first I hesitated, felt embarrassed and thought he might have mistaken me for someone else. But he made it clear in a few moments that he was new to the city and was just looking for a chit chat.

He didn’t talk much about himself (though most men I met liked to do so). He politely introduced himself to me, assured me he was not a maniac or a stalker and told me about the journey that had brought him to this city. He didn’t ask me any personal questions and yet we were having the best conversation I have had in years. Step by step I discovered we had the same hobbies though it seemed he was much better and talented at them than I ever was. We shared the same opinions when it came to life, values and goals. Strangely I had the feeling we shared the same dreams as well. Who wasn’t looking for love and peace, mystery and adventure, joy and darkness, all in one?

I was completely taken aback when he, all of a sudden, politely thanked me for the conversation and left. He hadn’t given me his number or said anything of whether he’d like to meet me again. He just left. And just as quickly as he left I was sent back to my miserable life and problems. I knew luck was never on my side and a man like that would never look or consider someone like me.

The next day I came to the same coffee shop. It was stupid, I know, but I hoped that somehow fate might come to my rescue. I had been up all night searching his name on the internet, trying to find any information about him, the details of our conversations imprinted in my mind like an addictive melody. Unfortunately the internet provided me with no information about this man, nothing that could help me. Perhaps it was a dream, I thought. Perhaps I had imagined it all. I became mad at myself and at my life. I was enraged with fate. Why let something so perfect and wonderful cross my path then take it away?

He reappeared that day and all my dark thoughts melted like snowflakes on a warm ground. He sat before me and I heard his voice again. I looked at his perfect face once more and felt complete and happy as if all of the events in my life had been set to bring me to this very moment.

Today’s conversation was a bit different. He seemed more agitated and perhaps a bit grim. Out of the blue he asked me if I truly wanted him in my life for he was not like other men. A lot of men say that as well but he was the only one I truly believed. I nodded ‘of course’, how could I not want him in my life? How could I not long for those lips? This beautiful and talented man did not seem to realise how wonderful he truly was.

‘If tonight you hear a knock on your door, you open that door and you find me standing there before you…If I ask you to let me in, would you?’ He asked me almost whispering.

‘Yes, yes, of course!’ I said.

‘Good,’ he smiled, ‘that’s good.’

He came to me that night. He knocked on my door and asked me the same question. I let him in.

Did he ruin my life? Did I end up in more misery than I had in the first place? Or did he change my life for good and I was finally given all I had dreamed of and more?

On this day, I will let you decide.


Words by – Niguanta


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