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Dark Christmas Tales

What better way to celebrate Christmas than with a few grisly horror stories?



Jill is always mean to me. She always comments on the way I dress, the way I talk and how I behave around other people. She tells me I should trust no one and that I am better off on my own. She often advices me to better stay in, read a book or watch TV with her instead of going to parties drinking and smoking. Jill is my best friend but she has become so bitter since she died.





I don’t like my neighbours much. They talk loudly all the time and make such noise especially when I want to rest a bit. Their son has an electric guitar and likes to practice a lot. As if that was not enough, he plays rather poorly.

One night when I had just finished my meal I decided to take action. I went up to their floor and banged on the door. Their son opened. He started screaming before I even got a chance to talk to him. Then his parents came, the woman fainted, fell on the floor and the man just stood there, all pale, staring at me. What was all the fuss about? I looked decent. I was wearing a rope and a hat covering my decaying body parts.




I woke up in cold sweat and quickly ran to my mother’s room. Weeping I told her I had had a nightmare and crawled in bed with her. She hugged me and I closed my eyes happy to feel her warmth. Suddenly her hug became stronger and stronger and soon I could no longer breathe as her arms tightened around my chest. And then I felt a set of fangs slowly penetrating my skull. I couldn’t move and I couldn’t even scream. How stupid of me! It was full moon! Every full moon she tells me that she should be left alone and that I should lock my door and stay in. But tonight, I had just forgotten!




Christmas was the next day! I wanted to get my uncle and his family a special present. They had been through such a horrible year. I didn’t have much inspiration and eventually ended up in one of those spiritual shops. The owner of the shop gave me a small bag with four little puppets inside representing my uncle’s family and she told me to keep it safe until tomorrow. She said I should give my uncle the bag as a present on Christmas day. They will have much fortune from then on.

When I arrived home I did as the owner of the shop had asked. I put the bag with puppets on a high shelf on my bookcase.

The next morning… Damn it! The small bag was no longer there! My cat somehow had managed to take it and she had played with the puppets all night. She had broken them all, chewed on them, their tiny pieces spread all over my living room. Luckily I still had a good bottle of wine lying around in the house. I took the bottle instead and went to my uncle.

When I arrived they didn’t answer their door when I rang. I discovered that the door was not locked. I entered. Blood trails and … fingers in the hallway … blood on the walls and … I walked in the living room.

Now I understood! The puppets were somehow connected to my uncle’s family … everything that had happened to the puppets…


I had an exciting date on Christmas Eve. We went to a very expensive restaurant and he was very gallant and sweet. We talked for hours and drank wine. We had steak though a bit too bloody for my taste but he seemed to enjoy it very much.

Before I knew it, it was midnight. I panicked. How did time go so fast? I told him we should be leaving soon. He said why should we? The night was still young. I smiled and we sat and talked some more. The restaurant staff did not seem to mind our late date. No one kicked us out.

Two hours later I was getting rather sleepy. He insisted on taking me home even though I lived quite nearby. We stood before my house. He wanted to come in. I said let’s leave that for next time. He became rather pushy and before I knew it he grabbed my neck and forced me to kiss him. I kissed his neck instead. He didn’t expect that. Then, I bit his neck, bled him dry and tossed his body in the sewers. Damn, I really thought I had a good one this time. Well, at least I was going to bed with a full stomach. Oh, you thought he was the vampire?



I hope you enjoyed the stories, have a Black Christmas and a Creepy New Year!


Words by – Niguanta


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