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A Zombie Life

Zombified-1.docxI’m a zombie. Well, not entirely correct, I think I am a zombie but I am not sure. You see, six months ago I was working in a dull office building minding my own pathetic life and complaining of how I am not really living my life the way I wanted to. That was six months ago. Now I wish I had that life again.

I wake up, dress up, go downstairs, make some coffee then open the door to leave the house and usually face flesh eating zombies before my house. But the thing is, they don’t seem to notice me. In fact, they ignore me even if I hit them. They only come if I make noise and when they do they stop and look around me as if I am invisible. I don’t know why, I don’t know how but I only know that I am the only living person in this city and it’s filled with zombies. I walk among them, even push them away in the deserted supermarkets when I get my cans of food. It’s nothing like in the movies, it’s just horribly strange. One time there was a zombie in the kitchen when I woke up. I went and made my coffee and just ignored it. I realised then that I had become one of them, even though I breathe and think like a normal person.

Zombified1-1.docxSix months ago I watched my family, my friends, my colleagues get mauled by zombies. I tried to save them but there was nothing I could do. I am not a hero, I am not strong nor incredibly smart. I am average and yet I was somehow chosen to outlive everyone here. I feel so alone, it’s incredible. It hurts. It hurts so much that sometimes I actually attack zombies and try to make them attack me, eat me, bite me. They don’t. They just ignore me. One time I got bitten by a zombie because it was trying to reach a dead cat on a counter and my arm was in the way. I didn’t get infected. The wound healed and nothing happened. I thought of killing myself but I don’t have the guts to do it. Instead I just mind my own business, wake up, breakfast, get dressed, get out, ignore the zombies just like they ignore me, go shopping, meaning I just go to the deserted malls and pharmacies and take what I need. Then I go for walks in the park, ignore the zombies searching for food, I walk around for hours then I go back home, write in my journal, read a book and then go to sleep. I can’t reach anyone, I haven’t seen people for six months, I haven’t seen anyone alive. It’s just me and the zombies. Sometimes I cry myself to sleep or I just walk around in the night pretend I am one of them. It somehow makes me feel better if I think I am one of them but I know I am not and I don’t know why. Why me? When I am frustrated I take an axe and just hit every zombie I lay my eyes on but they never fight back and the next day more show up as if nothing had happened.

To tell you the truth I don’t know what the difference is between them and me. I feel lost, empty, alone, numb and sometimes when I look in the mirror I don’t recognize myself. I even have the same brainless stare as some of them do. I may not be a zombie but I do feel like one. I…am…zombified.

Words by Niguanta


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