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My Halloween

My Halloween.docxI wanted to write a special bloody, dark article for Halloween. But, when I thought more about it I realised that my articles are always dark and twisted so I wouldn’t be able to make it special in that manner. The only way I could make this article special was to share with you what Halloween actually means to me and in doing so perhaps you could tell me what Halloween means to you.

I’ve waited the whole year for it and yes, it is almost here at last: Halloween, Samhain, All Hallows’ Eve, you name it! I’m among experts so I don’t need to bore you with the whole history and meaning of Halloween. I know you’re just as eager as I am for it to come.

My Halloween.docx1There is this whole propaganda around Halloween: scary masks, tormented ghosts, bloodthirsty werewolves, throat ripping vampires, infected zombies…and so on. Sure we all love that part, what’s Halloween without experiencing a bit of fear? It’s the thrill that makes us feel alive just like when we’re watching a scary movie. Yet I can’t say that on Halloween I feel fear. Fear is not the reason why I love celebrating it. It’s more the excitement around it. It’s the familiarity of a night I’d love to relive every day. I don’t feel fear, I feel as if I’m coming home. It feels as if all the spirits of the world are free to roam our streets and homes just this one night and I just can’t wait to meet and greet them with love and respect.

My Halloween.docx2Every corner of my home is decorated with fake spider webs (though perhaps some of them are actually real), scary figurines, screeching bats, black magic books, but… I also have the Fairies corner, the Alchemist workshop and the Witch’s love potion making area. You see, to me Halloween is not about the scary part, it’s about opening my world to the magic that surrounds us every day. The magic is there all the time but we are usually too busy or too focused on other things to actually feel and honnor it. Halloween is the day that opens my eyes, makes me stand still and feel the energy that surrounds me, the energy of the loved ones that have passed away, the energy of a world beyond my understanding and dreams.

My Halloween is about magic, love and excitement.

What is your Halloween about?



Words by Niguanta



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