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Vampire or Werewolf?

IVampire versus Werewolft’s the ultimate question, isn’t it? Do you choose a vampire or a werewolf as your ideal partner? Cold or hot? Night or day? A wolf or a bat? It’s basically choosing between two completely different characters, though both are nocturnal and have a lust for blood, both are very dangerous and quite unpredictable and both are…well…let’s just say lethal in every way possible!

I have never been able to choose between vampires and werewolves. Though I am sure a lot of you think the answer must be obvious.

I must decide once and for all, but how?

Vampire versus Werewolf21. Hot or Icy?

It might be just myself speaking but I have never enjoyed cuddling next to a cold body, especially in the winter. I love to lie against a little chimney of my own. So you do understand that I prefer a werewolf over a vampire in this situation? It’s just comfort I guess. With a werewolf at my side I will never have cold feet while a vampire, well, he is cold everywhere isn’t he? But then again in the summer; and the Romanian summer can reach up 25-30 degrees at night; I am not so sure about the chimney anymore. I’d rather have some ice to cool me off.Vampire versus Werewolf1

2. Hot Headed or Just Playing it Cool?

While vampires are extremely calm and sometimes blood chillingly patient, a werewolf can just snap for no reason at all. So I do assume that a werewolf is more likely to tear a waiter’s head off just because he served us the wrong wine. A vampire, not sure. Maybe he looks calm but might just wait for the right opportunity to get even. He might smile at the waiter instead then drink his blood when I’m not watching.

3. Introvert or Extrovert?

I have the feeling a vampire is more on his own, likes his own privacy and doesn’t go out in public that much. Too much blood temptation I guess. Werewolves seem to be doing just fine socializing, they have their own pack and love friends and having fun. So it’s a choice between a great party all night long with my over energetic wolf-friend or a romantic one on one dinner (hopefully accompanied by a dance) with my bat-friend. Hmmm…decisions, decisions…

4. Day or Night?

I must give this one to the werewolf. At least we can go out during the day and do some shopping, sit in the sun, go to the beach, none of these can happen with a vampire. I love the sun and I love the beach so in this case I must give it to the werewolf.

Vampire versus Werewolf45. Intellect or just Chit Chats?

Werewolves live…as much as they can (perhaps a little more dog years than usual) so their knowledge could vary Vampire versus Werewolf3from average to excellent. But a vampire lives forever, which means that a
vampire has a lot of time to develop himself, read and learn about all the things in the world so he will never run out of topics during our little chats

6. Wolf or Bat?

I am not sure if I’d rather be a werewolf or a vampire in case my partner decides to turn me. Being a wolf means hunting, shape shifting which usually looks very painful and…perhaps waxing more than usual? A vampire means the constant lust for blood, sleeping in a coffin and not being able to see the sun. Hairy and tanned or pale and hungry? Not sure yet.

7. More Human or More Beast?

You would think I am referring to the werewolf being the beast but that is not my point. I am more interested in Vampire versus Werewolf5how close I would still be to my humanity. Dating a werewolf means that my boyfriend can live as normal as he wants (with a busy agenda on a full moon), so basically he is fine relationship material, I can meet the parents, go out with friends and have a facebook page. A vampire is connected to the night, can’t tell the parents, ‘hey, you want to meet up in the evening only?’ can’t have any spontaneous get-aways if they are during the day, how do I
explain to my friends why my boyfriend sleeps all day long during holidays and…no facebook page because he cannot appear in pictures. So no perfect wedding picture? No showing him off on the net? Well, as long as I can
show him off face to face, but still, I am a bit confused at this point.

8. Food or special diet

Vampire versus Werewolf6Werewolves can eat whatever they like (with a little bit of bloody deer here and a bit of raw rabbit there). Vampires drink only blood. So I can’t enjoy a ‘garliky’ spaghetti Bolognese dinner with my vamp. Then again…this means I will never ever have to cook for him ever! While he could do that for me all the time…hmmm perhaps dating a vampire isn’t such a bad idea.

9. Scared or Terrified?

While a vampire might bite me a bit as a tease, I doubt the werewolf will be biting a little as well. A vampire could feed on me and let go if it´s too much but a werewolf once he snaps and gets his canines sank in my flesh…I am in real trouble. Vamp, definitely vamp is safer in this case.

10. Pessimist or Optimist?

Werewolves can be quite cheerful and I guess as playful as a puppy can be. Vampires seem to be more mysterious and immersed in their own never ending existence. I think a werewolf is a bit more optimistic than a vampire. Don’t you?

Ok, I think I made up my mind. I love the mystery of a vampire, smooth, calm, smart and mysterious. But I also love the energy of a werewolf and the fact that he can get out during the daylight. I have to choose the werewolf, I love positive energy, I love the sun and I love the beach, things I will never be able to do with a vampire.

But…oh wait, I think I found the perfect solution! Werewolf during the day, vampire during the night, except in the winter nights because then I might switch the vampire during the day (it is dark most of the day anyway) and werewolf during the night (so my feet won’t get cold). Yes! Problem solved! Everyone is happy…as long as they don’t know about each other 😉

And now my question goes to you, which one would you choose?

Words by Niguanta

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