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Bloody Teardrops- Part Three

Bloody teardrops part threeI slowly opened my eyes listening to the surroundings. It seemed quiet at first but then I realized it…I was still on the train!

My head felt light and when I wanted to touch it I couldn’t! My hands were tied up behind my back. I was sitting on a chair and chained up from the waist down.

The room was dark, smelled like mold and moisture but it was certainly one of the train wagons. All was still, the sound and vibration of the railway were the only things keeping me company…but not for long.

He entered the train wagon accompanied by a condescended walk. He bore an arrogant smile on his face, the kind of smile that I wanted to rip off his face.

‘What did you do to me?’ I asked my voice sounding hoarse.

‘Poison.’ He simply said.

‘Why did you chain me up and not behead me when I fainted?’

‘Death would be too easy that way.’

‘Torture? Is that what you wish for?’ I asked amused as torture meant nothing to me.

‘Torture would be too easy.’ I looked at him intrigued. He was indeed a very handsome man but with so much anger in his eyes.Bloody teardrops part three1jpg

‘Well,’ I sighed, ‘at least I’ll die in your pretty arms. To tell you the truth I’ve grown rather tired of constantly being chased by hunters and avengers. My days have always been counted.’

‘Must I pity you now?’ He spat.

I have nothing on pity sweet sir, either kill me or let me go, I don’t like games.’

‘And yet you like to play with your victims.’

I did not comment on that.

‘Do you want me to confess to all my crimes?’


‘Do you want me to ask for forgiveness?’


‘Do you want me to beg for…’

‘No,’ he interrupted.


‘No!’ He shouted, anger echoing around the entire wagon.Bloody teardrops part three2jpg

‘Then what in the name of Dracula do you want?’

‘You just mentioned it.’


He came close to my face. His blood smelled sweet and oh so very tempting.

I want to meet your maker,’ he said softly.

‘You are not worthy enough for my maker!’ I hissed.

‘That is why you will turn me.’

‘Pardon me?’ I asked, startled.

‘You heard me the first time,’ he grinned at me. ‘You will turn me!’

Words By Niguanta

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