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Werewolf Killings

   Werewolf killingsI was lying on the kitchen floor when I woke up.  That wasn’t the main issue. The first thing I faced when I opened my eyes was the blood on my hands. I slowly sat up feeling the usual headache and I panicked when I realized my clothes and the floor were all covered in blood.

I stood up and ran to the mirror. My mouth was smudged in blood. My hair looked messy and my eyes looked darker than usual, bloodshot but dark. I had been out hunting again, that was obvious. But the blood, there was too much blood and…unlike all the other times, I had no idea what had happened.

I scrubbed the kitchen floor clean, threw the blood stained clothes in the trash and jumped in the shower. I watched the water wash off the blood off my body while trying to remember something…anything from what had happened last night because I always did. I usually remembered almost every detail of the hunt, mostly a deer or a rabbit. Now I felt like I had a total black out. That did not usually mean well.

I had just gotten out of the shower when I heard my phone ringing. Before I could reach it, it stopped. Missed call from Richard, my boss. GreatWerewolf killings1! I looked at my watch. Of course I was late for work! He was probably wondering where I was.

I felt a draft and realized the door leading to the balcony in my living room was wide open. I approached it and then I saw the blood. Blooded paw prints on the balcony floor changing into footprints as they came closer to the door. I usually turned back to my human form when I came home but there was never so much blood and I never used the balcony door.

The phone rang again.

‘Detective Perry,’ I answered.

‘Perry, get your butt over here, where the hell are you?’

‘I…sorry sir, I overslept,’ I said realizing I hadn’t even gotten a
chance to put my clothes on.

Never mind! And don’t come at the office! Meet us down town, in front of the city hall!’

‘The city hall, sir?’

‘It’s bad son, it’s really bad. I’ve never seen anything like it.’

‘What do you mean?’ Every muscle in my body tensed.

‘You gotta see it for yourself. Be ready to get your hands dirty, Perry, it’s…’ He faded off as if talking to someone, there was a lot of noise, a lot of chaos. ‘The reporters,’ he continued slightly distracted, ‘the Mayer, they’re all over us right now. Hurry up!’

‘I’m on my way, sir!’ I said but he’d already hung up.

A murder. A messy murder. Exactly on the same morning when I wake up remembering nothing of the night before. A coincidence? Who am I kidding? Oh Perry, what have you done this time? Perry, Detective Perry, unbelievable isn’t it? I’m a werewolf and a detective who is about to investigate, what I believe…my own crime scene.

Words by Niguanta

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