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February: the Month of Love

gothlove1February is the month of love – or so the Hallmark-hijacked Christian festival would have you believe (although Christians in turn hijacked it from the pagans so all’s fair in love and war…) But where does Goth fit into this sickly-sweet heart-shaped candy cut-out of a holiday? Indeed where does Goth fit in love? Do Goths make better Lovers? This video would have your believe so.


For me Goth love is as intricate and complicated as Goth itself but, just as in Goth itself, it accepts both the beauty and sadness in equal measures. I think here it’s a little more realistic than its mainstream counterpart and any fairy-tale it wraps itself in tends to be quite tongue in cheek. The romantic leanings and cultured overtones of the scene also lend itself to fill out the velvety linings of the overstated Till-Death-Do-Us-Part.

It is true however that our underground culture tends to breed more “open” and “experimental” natures. Whether we can relate this to romantic love or simply lustful love, perhaps this could make us better lovers (50 shades of black anyone?). Indeed our attire can perhaps at times be considered racy by the average Joe – yet I find myself far more at ease sitting in a dark corner with a man in a spiked collar and bondage trousers than I have been with any man at one of your more average clubs. The few “normal” clubs I have been to, feel far more like meat markets than the alternative ones I frequent (even if there are actually people in these hung from meat hooks 😉 Perhaps those that don’t have the acceptance and safe indulgence of their desires and darker sides are the more dangerous and frustrated because of the suppression.

Of course there is always the flip side. Goths by their very nature are an introverted bunch each with their own tell-tale toils which led them to this scene in the first place. It’s also quite diverging in its appreciations both without as within: just as our look is an acquired taste, in a small scene we make things even more difficult for ourselves splintering into factions, where one’s black velvet rose is another’s day-glo friendship bracelet.

P496_V3So while I can quite maintain Goth love is the sweetest kind – it’s also the most elusive and delicate, but when you find it… encase it in satin and hold on to it until you breathe your last…

In the meantime however, you can wear your heart on your sleeve (or neck) or use these to lure your Goth girl to your bidding….


Lady Amaranth



P692 E338 P721



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