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A Drop of the Red Stuff from Beyond the Grave

Decades after his death in 1993, Vincent Price remains one of cinema’s most distinctive and distinguished Gothic icons. A multi-talented performer, Hollywood’s silver-tongued, moustachioed master of menace introduced a rich dose of elegance and refinement into the horror genre, even in his most ghoulish roles. Behind the scenes, Price was just as much of a class act. A noted art collector and gourmet, Vincent penned celebrated cookery books and even recorded an EP dedicated to his love of fine wine. So it’s particularly apt that the latest venture dedicated to celebrating his eclectic legacy is a prestigious new wine collection.

Devotees of vintage horror might also consider the tribute particularly appropriate. In his first horror role, in the ghoulish historical thriller ‘Tower of London’ way back in 1939, Price’s character the Duke of Clarence is drowned in a vat of Malmsey wine. In one of his best-loved scenes, that demonstrated the actor’s talent for comedy, Vincent loses a wine-tasting contest to fellow horror icon Peter Lorre in the 1962 chiller ‘Tales of Terror’. It was one of a series of horror films, loosely adapted from the work of the legendary Gothic author Edgar Allan Poe and directed by B-movie legend Roger Corman, which cemented Price’s iconic status in the genre.

Devote yourself into vintage horror using the hand crafted Beast’s Claw Walking Cane [WS3]  This cane portrays a true gentleman with its mystical crystal ball will pay true homage to any early horror film. Immortalise Vincent Price by adorning yourself the the Ravenine Pendant [P697] in tribute to his film The Raven. This hand crafted pewter pendant with exquisite detailing upon the wings can be paired with the Black Raven dropppers[E333] to complete any vintage horror look.


The Vincent Price Signature Wine Collection features four wines, each with a label designed by an artist associated with the macabre, with a name referencing Poe’s prose and poetry. There’s a Lenore Chardonnay, Raven Cabernet, a Prospero Pinot Noir, and a Bartolome Red. Sadly we can’t comment on them personally, as they are currently only available in the USA, but we gather they’ve impressed some connoisseurs. For further info on the wine collection, click here For anyone curious to hear Vincent himself on the subject, here’s a link to the first side of his EP on the topic, ‘Wine is Elegance’…

Enjoy your own “drop of the red stuff” in the Dracula’s Cup Wine Glass [CWT43] with the blood red Swarovski crystals sparkling through your fingers as your immerse yourself in the wonderment of Poe.draculas-cup

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