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Apple Tree

Apples and love, not sure why they have become such good friends over the years having in mind that an apple made Eve ruin Heaven for Adam in the first place…or so they say…
Somehow the magical connection between love, desire and apples decided to play a romantic part in our lives, sometimes without us really knowing it. For example, search for spells including apples and love and you’ll find out there is a whole bunch of them.

But of course, of course you’re not reading this story to learn about apple spells…This story has to do with an apple all right but the circumstances surrounding it has a more…deadly scent to it.
My great, great grandfather married twice. He lost his first wife, Dobra, to pneumonia. He remarried but he lost his second wife as well, ending up living in a cottage nearby a forest. You’d think he was all alone out there but somehow his bond with his first wife continued…even after her death.
An apple tree grew against the cottage, high, thick and strong, it’s branches covering a part of the roof.

My great, great grandfather used to tell my grandmother that the ghost of his first wife, Dobra, called him out at night. Her voice was eerie as the wind, crying as if her soul could not rest. Where do you think the voice always came from? My great, great grandfather said that the voice always came from the tree. He used to see a shadow climbed in the tree. The ghost of Dobra always called out his name, the pain sensed in her voice but his answer was always the same: ‘Go to sleep, poor woman, just go to sleep.’
Years went on, my great, great grandfather died, the cottage was demolished and the tree…well, the tree might still be there…a lonely apple tree standing in the middle of nowhere. Apples, love and death…I just don’t get it.

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Niguanta of Romania

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