LondonEdge September 2014

One of the most important ways for Alchemy to meet it’s trade customers, to showcase each season’s latest products, preview Alchemy’s new designs and projects and discuss ideas and issues, is through the circuit of international trade shows. Certainly one of the most important and by far the best of these to attend, (for both business reasons and fun!), is LondonEdge, a twice-yearly event held in London with occasional showings in exotic locations such as New York, Hong Kong or Berlin.

The current show, presenting Alchemy’s 2014 Autumn collection of expressively dark and alternative essentials, is at the amazing Islington Design Centre, with a sensational first night party in Camden Market Stables’ Horse Hospital, featuring burlesque naughtiness, vintage harmony singers, a drag queen and an exotic fire dancer! Lots of the great business connections are informally made at these Music and alcohol fuelled events, also.

During this show, in these first warm and sunny days of September, we have seen a marked upturn in business with a distinctly more positive and optimistic atmosphere percolating through the event. Orders for Alchemy’s latest creations of diverse curiosities, from Viking warrior influenced Metal-Wear to the cranky inventiveness of the Empire’s steampunk ‘gadgetations’ have been altogether more numerous and greater in size. Also revealed and loved was the sensational new Alchemy England annual catalogue; an 84 page, ‘graphic novel-style’, all-in-one feast for the eyes, with pages full of beautiful imagery and mesmeric models. This feast of a book will be available to everyone in the coming week or two.

And so, after suffering a long winter of Dickensian despondency, we are expecting to see the most exciting shops and stores around the UK and Europe all enjoying a Lazarusian resurgence in vitality, and a return to the glorious fulfilment of a life of decadent individualism.

Find the full range individual and wonderful Alchemy Jewellery in our upcoming feast book and the online store.

Vive la difference noir!

Geoff Kayson
Alchemy founder member.