National Poetry Month

April marks National Poetry Month – it’s a time to celebrate creative verse and those who write it. There are various events and workshops taking place around the country as well as in the US and Canada who are also celebrating. Here in the UK, we’re apparently a creative bunch as we’ve got a National Poetry Day in October.

The word ‘poetry’ comes from the Greek poiesis, which translates as ‘making’ and the first poems are thought to have been written more than 4,000 years ago. From expansive epics to compact haikus, poems have covered just about every theme imaginable including love, faith and fears.

Many writers still prefer to craft their words using a pen and paper rather than a computer. If you prefer traditional techniques, why not flex your creative muscles with Alchemy’s unique and inspirational Rosebone’s Oath Desk Set [AAC56], comprising a hinged skull pot mounted on a cipher ring that bears the words: “Rosebone’s oath of blood, 7 dead men’s souls lost ‘neath the flood.” The pot nestles its own pen holder and comes complete with a blood red quill that has a handy ball pen inside.

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The Alchemy Editorial Team